2 HEADED CHANG - DELIVER US... (Independent)


                                  (Patrick De Sloover)

I received a package from a band called 2 Headed Chang, and having not heard of them yet, I was curious to see what it all contained... First impression: cool artwork that reminds me of Play Station 2 games like God Of War, also a CD in a box with tray in stead of a plastic or cardboard wrapper, and an info sheet to introduce me to the band and their activities.

Next step is plugging the silver disc in a CD player and push the 'start' button. What followed next is hard to describe... From the very first seconds, the tone is set. This band is going hard and will bring on the glorious times of PANTERA in your mind! The first track 'Dead And Gone' is a stomping, ultra heavy and maniacal masterpiece and a perfect opener to introduce the band. 2 Headed Chang is extremely HEAVY, the sound is nearly perfect, the guitars are mixed straight into your face, and the vocal layers of Kurt 'Sparkles' Caron are venomous and deadly. Jesus, I love this sound, I love their attitude and I'm really into the musical direction that 2 Headed Chang follows.


I already mentioned Pantera, but don't think that they are cloning or copying that band. Not at all, they just add something to the original Pantera sound, and give their songs an own identity with one common factor : heaviness.. If you are into albums like ''Cowboys From Hell'' and ''Vulgar Display Of Power'' from Pantera, this band is a must have for you collection and I'm sure that they are able and passionate enough to take the world by storm! Take a listen to the fourth track 'Candy Ass' and explore the guitar layers of Coleman Thornburg and Brian Valentino, and you will understand why I mentioned Pantera before. Some songs have an addition of Slipknot as well, but 2 Headed Chang succeeds in adding a personal touch in every track, so the 35 minutes fly by at high speed, which result in another uninterrupted listening session!


Their first output 'Dead City Rodeo' (independent release in 2003) is already a sold out article, and I'm sure that the successor ''Deliver Us'' will go the same direction. The producing, mixing and mastering is done by axeman Brian who did a really great job. A lot of nowadays releases can only dream to have and obtain such a heavy skull crushing sound.


This band is hailing from Washington state, and perhaps, there might be some consternation in their local area, if you look at the line up their nicknames. For example bassist Adam 'Cock Rock' Debock might result in some backlash and resistance from the local authorities or government agencies. If you can't use the 'fuck' word on TV or Radio, I guess that you will have to omit the 'cock' word as well. ... Perhaps, it's a good advice for future plans to drop the A.K.A. nicknames... I don't have any personal negative feelings about it, but the US isn't Europe, and in the past a lot of bands were refused because of offensive lyrical content.


My final lines are easy: 2 Headed Chang is the next big thing that is hailing from the US. They don't follow trends, they don't copy, they don't choose the easiest way. Not at all! 2 Headed Chang is creating an own style and direction, and is eagerly ready for the next level in their career. This is what metal is all about !!!


My rating: 93/100