ABSOLVA - FLAMES OF JUSTICE (Rocksector Records)


                           (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

The name Absolva was totally unknown, until I did an interview with bass player Luke Appleton, who left Fury UK to continue his path with Jon Schaffer’s Iced Earth.  The chat with Iced Earth was really cool, and you can read the whole story at this locationOne of the questions that I asked Luke was “Does it include that Fury UK will be put on ice for the upcoming years?” on which Luke stated: “For now Fury UK are on long term hiatus. Maybe in the next few years when I'm not busy touring with Iced Earth and Chris and Martin are not busy with Absolva, Fury UK can do a tour once again”. Well, my interest was awoken and only few months later, I received the debut album of Absolva, one of the best newcomers from the Manchester (UK) scene! 

It seems like everything went really smoothly, as they were formed in May 2012, and the album is due to be released on November 5th 2012. Besides Martin (drums) and Chris (lead vocals and lead guitar), we find a second lead guitar player: Tom Atkinson (previously in Vice), and Dan Bate (previously in Point Blank Fury) on bass.  These four dudes know how to rock and having two lead guitar players on board means that you will get a lot of duels to enjoy! Followers of Iron Maiden, Accept, Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest beware, as Absolva will fill the open spot of a new melodic Heavy Metal outfit that we all welcome in this 21st. Century!  

Their video trailer commended: In the wake of change, from beyond the light, comes, Absolva! A new age has dawned! Very promising quotes, but now and then we truly agree what the promotional department of a record label states. Absolva has it all to become a huge band! Their first live appearance was the SOS Festival, followed with gigs in Ireland, N. Ireland and Scotland. In November they will be on the road again to play shows throughout the UK, Germany, Belgium, Northern Ireland and also confirmed so far: three upcoming summer festivals, including Wizz Fest in Belgium! It seems like the marks are set, the vision is clear and the goal to achieve is insight! I’m really curious to see this band live on a stage as the video footage of the SOS Festival (check the internet for the whole show) was already very promising.  

Absolva their debut album opens with the title track ‘Flames Of Justice’ and this track contains all the strong facets of this young band! They give their tracks a good pace, the melody and chorus lines aren’t forgotten and the energy is almost ‘feel-able’. The classic metal is completed with an own twist, and passion and dedication rule the songs! All tracks on this debut have its own ingredients to make it worth to be called a classic! There is also a moment of tranquility with the track ‘State Of Grace’, before the storm breaks loose for a second time. Thunderstruck metal anthems like ‘From Beyond The Light’ and ‘Empires’ will be embraced by the metal music lovers! 

It seems like Absolva did a good move to sign to RockSector Records as this label released already several high potential acts in only few months! The future for Absolva looks bright, and the future of those that are into melodic Heavy Metal with outstanding guitars is even brighter! Absolva is the next big thing to come, and will leave you all dazed and confused 

My rating: 88 / 100