(Review by Stefan)

Avenel, New Jersey USA is the place where Advocate came from – the band was formed back in 1991. Because there were (or still are) other bands wearing the same moniker I’d like to get rid of all misconceptions… these New Jersey guys will always be the only ones to me who firstly offered an outstanding way of US Power Metal in the form of a four-song demo, originally released in 1992. Advocate took us all by surprise once again with their debut EP called “War Without End”, in 1995 released through Revolution Records. Two years later on, Molten Metal Records came on with the brilliant idea to bring out another CD version of both demo and EP. It was a must-have for all those hooked on US Power Metal, without this product their collection wasn’t complete at all.


Those (including myself) who missed the boat back then, I’m here to tell you all to that recently, No Remorse Remorse out of Greece re-released that magnificent demo and EP once again. Different cover by Dimitar Nikolov, remastered  by Nick Papakostas, photo material by original Advocate drummer Tom Wassman… No Remorse CEO Andreas Andreou in charge as executive producer. Same feelings deep down inside my heart and soul as I had with the review for Born Of Fire’s “Anthology” album (No Remorse Records), this way outputs to bring me into an overwhelming mood and it’s hard to remove that silver shining disc from my CD once I’ve dropped it in. US Metal maniacs never heard of Advocate before, shame on you guys but HERE’s the chance to make it up right... order right away! 


What makes Advocate so special to me in the first place are the fantastic rhythms those who range from Classic Heavy Metal up to Speed and Thrash Metal. They knew very well when the time was right to bring in some calm moments so they could raging on in full power a little later on. Only one guitarist/backing vocalist named Joe Stanley showed me several times with amazement. His excellence are massive guitar riffs and scorching, pure Metal solo’s! Joe’s brother Dan took command over the vocal duties… and he did it in style while handling a unique way of singing. Back in the late 80s there was an Australian Metal band named Addictive (album: Pity Of Man) and this band’s frontman does remind me of Advocate’s Dan Stanley. Not earth shattering good vocals but just very unique and idiosyncratic. Singers of this way calibre are almost impossible to find these days. Chief commander, drummer Tom Wassman terrorized his drums with passion. He definitely knew how to approach a drumkit with a highest form of technique... each punch he offered was deadly, watch out for his tremendous, double bassdrum actions also!. Last player in line was bassist/backing vocalist jerry Martini who obviously liked to offer his skills in a technical way…like it!


The production of “War Without End” is very heavy, not too polished, it just feels good listening to a fantastic US Power Metal band with such a nice sound quality. Reducing my volume nearly to 10, first four songs (from their demo ’92) to approach my eardrums real loud. ‘Paths Of Death’, ‘Save Us’, ‘Do Or Die’ and ‘The Odyssey’ let me enjoy US Power Metal music used to know from a time long ago. I always says that there will be no Metal like old school Metal and of this assessment, I will not deviate as long as I live! Advocate fully complies with these standards. More great songs in promotion on this “War Without End” re-issue, the five tracks from their self-titled EP, originally released back in 1995. And again, I can’t say one negative word on these compositions… I’m just hooked on US Power Metal and Advocate played it as I liked it the most of all, straight and tight as can be… just Metal that drives me crazy.


Despite Advocate never had the chance to breakthrough (although they’ve earned it), I always will cherish their music and there will be nothing or nobody which will deprive me from that. Stand up for your own way of Metal, in my own case it’ll always be US METAL! Total appreciation to No Remorse Records, a great label who gives many hidden gems some kind of a second birth. Nothing but respect!  Fans of Omen, Mystik, Addictive, Stygian, Intruder, Wargasm, Bitter End and Faith Of Fear should order right away. One last note: this is a limited product up to 500 copies so don’t wait to long if you want to be sure of your own piece. Finally, I will end up this discussion with a quote from drummer Tom Wassman: “ I would like people to remember Advocate as an energetic live band that put on a great show”.


My Points: 92 / 100