AFTER OBLIVION - STAMINA (Metal On Metal Records)


                                   (Review by Stefan)

The end of 2012 comes gradually into view but Metal On Metal don’t care about that, they've just unleashed two fantastic albums from After Oblivion (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and Arkham Witch (UK). That the label is well known for their passion for Metal is no longer a secret, they started out back in 2008 and brought out so many great albums… take a look right HERE. First I’d like to share my thoughts with all of you about After Oblivion’s new album “Stamina”.

After Oblivion was born from the demise of another, melodic Death Metal band named Path Beyond Serenity that was formed in 1999. After Oblivion was born back in 2007. Melodic Traditional Death Metal was their name of the game – right from the start, the band’s appeal and influence had much in common with the almighty, fallen soldier of Metal Chuck Schuldiner and legendary Death! Agonize, ex-Festival Of Mutilation/Perishment members who were armed to the teeth with promising skills entered the After Oblivion ranks later on. They were determined to take the world of Metal by storm!

First they’ve created a demo called “The Carnal Form” followed by the “Vultures” EP, released in March 2011. The difference between the demo and the EP was huge – this was the ultimate evidence of a band that had grown in all areas. Better musical tactics, much thicker sound, more and more world wide Metal maniacs were attracted to them, and the best had yet to come.

In 2012, After Oblivion signed a deal with Metal On Metal Records and I’m not surprised about that. CEO Jowita Kaminska definitely knows the real meaning of a full of potential, highly skilled Metal band, so offering After Oblivion a contract was not unexpected. Recently, the first official full length effort from one of the most impressive and technical Death/Thrash Metal acts named After Oblivion has been unleashed under the title “Stamina”… fasten your seatbelts because it’ll be a crazy ride you won’t soon forget!

“Stamina” runs for only 31 minutes, there are nine tracks showing on the index of my CD player and I can tell you with a lot of conviction that one by one, these songs will blow you away! Newsmakers element number one is the fact that After Oblivion’s singer sounds like two drops of water on Chuck Schuldiner (Death/Control Denied fame!). On the other hand, I also hear elements reminiscent of other singers like Martin Walkyier from UK based Sabbat from the time of the great “History Of A Time To Come” album, and also Darren Travis from US Thrash Metal act Sadus comes to my mind while I'm listening to After Oblivion’s new album. For sure is the fact that their frontman Adnan Hatic gives me the impression of a resurrected Chuck Schuldiner. Adnan's vocals are sung in a screamy manner and are full of passion and determination. Death’s album “The Sound Of Perseverance” comes to mind!

The bass and drum lines are in perfect balance and especially the guitar lines put me in a very good mood. Elegance and a lot of technical virtuosity are the biggest strength points of both axe grinders. Again, I hear a strong connection with the legendary, intellectual guitar riffs/leads of the master himself, Chuck Schuldiner. Fast and smooth, technical and melodic guitar works… I just like it a lot. The many comparisons with Death can’t stop me from mentioning that After Oblivion isn’t a pure blueprint or some kind of a copycat. Okay, they’re mainly influenced by their idols, but as a band you have to be able to deliver it in the right way. In the past, I heard many bands that were trying to cover Death songs or just write and play music in that style, unfortunately without success. In the case of After Oblivion I got a whole different story to tell… their new album “Stamina”, while not getting to the level of Death, comes pretty, pretty close.

Another point that makes the album so pleasant to listen to is the darn good sound quality, not too polished, loud and heavy… pump up your volume to the maximum and let your amp throb to the overwhelming, technical death-thrashing tunes of Bosnia based After Oblivion. It's for metalheads hooked on -mainly- Death (album: Sounds Of Perseverance), Sabbat (album: History Of A Time To Come), early Cynic, Atheist, Sadus, Sacrifice, Pestilence. Listening to After Oblivion’s “Stamina” feels like witnessing the resurrection of the one and only Chuck Schuldiner! Damn good album available from Metal On Metal Records at THIS location. The faster you place an order, the sooner you can thrash your room while listening to it! Check the band at: 

My Points: 93 / 100