(Review by Officer Nice)

If we talk about unique albums in the US Metal scene we have the duty to mention Agent Steel's ''Unstoppable Force. After the release of the phenomenal ''Skeptics Apocalypse" and the superior EP ''Mad Locust Rising'' the Metal scene was amazed because of the exceptional voice of mister John Cyriis. With ''Unstoppable Force'' there was in 1987 another proof this singer came out of space to lend his voice to this extraordinary album. Except for the title track Agent Steel didn't choose to make another Speed Metal album, but released a mid tempo, varied 'out of this world' Thrash Metal disc.


From the very first notes the listener is overwhelmed by superb guitar riffs, marvelous twin guitars, astonishing power, brilliant solos and off course the mind-blowing vocals of the front man. All arrangements were written with exclusive precision and the melancholic, often aggressive, touch of Cyriis' vocal lines created perfection. Let me mention the man's wailing shrieks are enough to make this album my most precious one.


Each song has it strengths and makes it impossible to decide which the favorite one is. Either you listen to 'Never surrender', 'Chosen To Stay', 'Rager' or 'The Day At Guyana' (the best musical song ever written!), a cold shivering makes part of you. So much attractiveness is seldom seen and heard on a Metal disc. 'Traveler' will shed tears, we can hope the last words are prophetic as John Cyriis said he should turn away and will come back for one last time... we can only hope and pray!


After this tremendous album, John parted away with Agent Steel and tried his luck with bands like Pontius Prophet, Black Reign, Sceptre... to vanish for a long time, abducted by aliens? Since his last project, called Stellar Seed (without any official release) John disappeared again. The last rumors say he's a fisherman in Hawaii. John Cyriis remains one of the most unique voices in Metal!


"Unstoppable Force" after all these years is often regarded as one of the ten best releases ever. John, Max or whatever your name is right now, please come back to the Metal scene so you can travel on... to the stars.


My Points: 100 / 100