ALLTHENIKO - BACK IN 2066 (Pure Steel Records)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

Italy colours more and more black and that’s positive. What I mean is that the last years we frequently received albums from out of the ‘Boot of Europe’. Alltheniko isn’t exactly a new band and I suppose fans of True Metal already discovered this band earlier, this is their fourth official effort.

This trio is totally into traditional Heavy Metal, mixes it up with fast and good played riffs and drums. The roots of this band can be found in the Eighties Metal scène and I suppose fans of bands like Riot will surely like this band. Add some traditional European touches, think especially of Rage and you’ll have an idea what Alltheniko is all about.

This release contains eleven songs and a video, more than decent enough to have 50 minutes of listening pleasure. Singer David Nightflight sings with a high pitched voice and it makes Allteniko sound even more old school. This guy did a fantastic job and brings the music constantly closer to the American Heavy Metal, just the way I like it! This band is able to mix melodic lines into their arrangements and therefore this record is surely worth checking out. The empowerment of the well structured songs is another bonus point. It makes tracks like “Will The Night” sound awesome, especially because some great sounding leads are weaved in it.

The band stands tall with three musicians although I believe on stage a second guitar player wouldn’t hurt them. I suppose this band will appear sooner or later on one or another True Metal festival where they surely belong. Alltheniko can be described as better than lots of ‘middel of the road’ bands in this genre. Check them out at

My Points: 85 / 100