(Review by Officer NIce)

I received a CD-R from this band that refused to play in my old school CD-player… So the writing of this review got postponed. This is another band from out of Belgian, a scène that re-lives and where even the mainstream Festivals are fighting for the souls of the Metal fans. Although I suppose Belgium is one of the most bizarre countries on this globe we do have great Metal bands.


These guys formed Alpha Matter in 2012 (a magic year for them) but aren’t inexperienced at all. Some members played in different Metal and Metalcore bands before and that can easily be heard. Only a few notes were necessary to maintain all of my attention.Why? Well, because I hear sharp riffs, varied technical played drums and good arrangements, a devastating Power. Alpha Matter plays Death Metal and a band that crosses my mind constantly is Sons Of Jonatas, that mighty band from Xavier Carion (ex Channel Zero, ex Cyclone). I really adore this kind of technical played Death Metal. I said technical, not Progressive! There’s a difference and Alpha Matter is a band that proves me right! Anyway Alpha Matter seduces me easily with this EP and that means a lot if you know I’m not the biggest fan of this genre. It’s the ideal music for a cold evening like this one, it brings me into the right mood! Some great and even emotional played leads, a dark voice, superb riffs, outstanding drums and energy that would even make Red Bull jealous…. Great stuff!


No doubt we will hear more from this band in the future! These guys have it all to make themselves popular in the genre and they may be proud with what they’ve released. This EP can be downloaded for free at their website although I hope a real CD is available as well. Something to look forward to at one or another Belgian stage.


My Points: 85 / 100