ANTHOLOGIES - ALPHA (Old Ones Media Factory)


                          (Review by officer Nice)

This one I received directly from the band after a short but friendly contact at the Metal To Infinity Facebook page. Anthologies seems to be an Italian band and we know since years that there are a lot of goodies coming from out of the boot of Europe.


Anthologies is a very special band, atmospheric and heading between Doom Metal, Traditional Heavy Metal, with a big slice of Gothic influences weaved in between. The beautiful and unique digi-pack maintained my attention at once, one that holds what I am expecting; beauty in darkness.


I surfed at the bandís official website, but I didnít get any smarter. The reason is simple, I donít speak a letter Italian. Ö What I understood is that this is the bandís first effort.


Anthologies call themselves a Gothic band. To me there are too many heavy loaded riffs to be a pure Gothic band. Musical wise this band ainít that simple to describe and letís call that a positive point because it means theyíre not a simple clone of any of their idols. The band offers varied arrangements in different tempi and that makes this CD enjoyable to listen to. What could have been better is the production. Anno 2013 there are more possibilities to make this kind of music much more overwhelming and be honest, Gothic Metal needs to sound overwhelming. Maybe thatís also the main reason why I consider this band more as a traditional Metal band. On the other hand; if the band wants to hold a traditional sound, some more power will be necessary. In ďBetray MeĒ I hear some compositions that satisfy me on this last point. On the atmospheric and melancholic ďMy cardsĒ on the other hand the band shows their Gothic background. Anyway these lads are fans of most traditional Metal bands, that explains a lot! That explains why all ingredients of Metal can be heard on this record.


I hear great tunes, good leads and lots of breaks that make me like this band. Singer Allesandro Schumperlin will never receive the price of the best Metal singer but I admit he contains an original vocal sound. Itís nice that he is able to change his sound constantly what gives an extra touch to the band.


This band contains the musicians, the short instrumental ďLeaves In The FogĒ and the following ďPaura Del DemonioĒ proves me right. Yet I believe they can do far better. No doubt that this band has a big marge to grow. I canít say they will ever dominate the world but this debut is a good start. Although the best days of Gothic Metal have vanished itís great to hear some bands still believe in this genre although fans of some special sounding Heavy Metal will be satisfied too.


My Points: 77 / 100