ARACHNID - ARACHNID (Stormspell Records)


                                    (Review by Stefan)

I’m ready to start writing down my first 2013 CD review and it is immediately one to enjoy with full force! Stormspell Records is about to release some real exclusive and rare demo anthology stuff from 80s Metal bands like Coldsteel, Restless Breed, Detest, Assassin/Deadly Assassin, Iscariot, Arachnid and more. Piece by piece collectors Items for Metal maniacs hooked on real classics, hard to find works!


Ex-Cruella guitarist Roger DeCarlo contacted me a little while ago to ask if I was interested in another band he played with named Arachnid. I have immediately returned with a positive answer. Roger convinced me of his talented guitar tactics as he was playing way back in the late 80s with the band Cruella. This band’s “Vengeance is Mine” is still one of my alltime US Power/Speed Metal albums but when Roger came on with the name of Arachnid, I didn’t know about the fact he was the axeman involved. Actually Arachnids’s release through Stormspell Records comes like a gift from heaven to me. To all Classic US Thrash Metal maniacs – this one’s for you definitely!


Back in 1989, Portland Oregon based Arachnid arose from the ashes of Cruella and released an 8 song demo back in 1992 which I never heard before until now. I’m into US Metal for decades now and also Thrash Metal from America I always admired. Bands playing that typical, aggressive Bay Area style of Thrash Metal still can bring me into temptation!


The Arachnid CD I received from guitar wizard Roger DeCarlo is really amazing and meets all my expectations when it comes to US Thrash Metal. This is the rebirth of a forgotten pearl, the eight song demo from Arachnid, officially unleashed back in 1992. Straight forward, raw and full of aggressive energy in the vein of Morbid Saint, Demolition Hammer, Slaughterlord, early Kreator/Cynic/Gammacide, Metal Onslaught, Numskull and stuff. Even the fact we’re living in 2013, it feels so amazingly good listening to this pure US styled, old school Thrash Metal album from Arachnid… It feels like I’m 20 years old again – a fantastic album with a nostalgic value!


Under the motto “Thrash and Bang” you can let yourself go wild by the furious guitar rhythms and fast soloing of both guitar players. Bassist and drummer in charge those days don’t hold back for a minute… they keep on smashing and bashing with all of their heart. In my opinion, back then Metal bands used to play with more dedication and passion tna nowadays. Going to a concert during the 80s and 90s era, blood and sweat dripped down from the stage as bands went totally crazy like hell and we, the spectators were jumping up and down like psycho circus clowns but what the hell… it was our way of living and we liked it, regardless the contemptuous reactions from those who knew shit about Metal!


I can go on telling all of my 80s experiences but that’ll take too much time – trust me on my word when I say that Arachnid’s self titled CD is a must-have for all old school thrashing maniacs who likes to let the beast go wild and free! To order, check:  Keep informed about Stormspell Records’ Red-White-Heävy… Arcane Collector Series For The Initiated! All the necessary info on the series can be found back at:


My Points: 88 / 100