ASKA - ABSOLUTE POWER (Vanadium Records)


                                   (Review by Stefan)

Aska's predecessor "Avenger" saw the break of dawn back in 2000 through EMA records... it was a release written on the bodies of all those into US Power Metal! Yeah, I always had a great feeling about the music Aska brought to the world of Metal. As usual playing their own style, 5 albums can be added to their discography so far, one by one awesome pieces main for natural born US Metal maniacs. Concerning their latest output 'Absolute Power", read my words as follows.

Besides changing of record company also guitar player Darren Knapp is replaced by a new shredder named Daryl Norton. Tthe rest of the line-up remained untouched and that's a good point to me. I can't imagine a band like Aska without the legendary, memorable and melancholic voice of George Call, the incredible bass works and backing vox of Keith Knight...i will not forgot to mention the man behind the drumkit, Jason Sweatt because he also means a lot to keep the vicious circle of Aska intact.

As mentioned before, there’s a duration of seven years between Aska's "Avenger" and this new album "Absolute Power". I don't know why but I'll do an interview with mainman George Call and ask him about it so feel free to keep an eye on our interview section the next couple of days or weeks. To be honest, I feared the most terrible for the future existence of Aska but the opposite has been proved guys. These Americans' new baby is born and the wait was more than worth because this album sounds outstanding… damn sure this is excellent US Power Metal!

Brought out as beautiful looking digi-pack, the Aska guys are still reigning supreme in the world of US Metal.  The many pages counting booklet includes great pictures of each one of the members plus live/backstage images, lyrics, awesome art painting in the for the lay-out, packaging and stuff like that... everything looks adorable and then I've not yet spoken concerning the songs.

Well, there are 10 songs added to the track listing and believe me or not, there is no song to announced which disappoints me! Perhaps they could use less intro's here and there but that's a minor point to complain. The advancement of the songs is superb. Just like a house that is built brick by brick, Aska is able to do it step by step, riff after riff / solo after solo /... you know what I mean, don't ya?! George Call's voice and guitar duties once again prevails! Damn, he's really one of a kind, just like the rest of the Aska camp actually. Bonded by Metal, their friend/musicianship is solid as a rock or an unbreakable chain of steel.

Ears open with full of admiration for the first 5 songs of the album entitled: 'Longships', 'Legion', 'Her Ghost Remains', 'Until Death Do Us Part' and 'Vowbreaker'. After all these beauties, I needed a break to obtain a bit. The remaining and other half of the CD goes further such as the first part has stopped, in a superior, awesome US Metal way. Stunning power, balanced harmonies loaded with burning emotions and melancholy... this is my cup of tea! US Metal lives at Metal To Infinity homepage, it's one of our favourite styles, we're hooked on it since a very long time (read early 80s) and shall forever be that way. We won't give up something we carry on since all those years!

Back to Aska's new album ‘Absolute Power”: I can surely recommend this glimmering disc to maniacs those heart and soul longing for US Metal, brought the way it should be! Aska has again succeeded to conquer my heart and inner soul with this wonderful article of pure glowing American steel. Good advise if you're not familiar with them so far, found out who they are and convince yourself how good they really are.

My Points: 95 / 100