ASKA - ABSOLUTE POWER (Vanadium Records)


                              (Review by Officer Nice)

Aska stole my heart and my soul with their previous album ''Avenger''. The outstanding musicianship, the unique voice of George 'ASKA' Call, the perfect balance between power and melody, the overwhelming and mind blowing songs, the superb solos, all were good enough to make ASKA one of my favourite bands. With songs like 'Crown Of Thorns', 'Escape Victorious' and 'Angels Of War' I had no trouble convincing other Metal Heads that ASKA is not only a top band but also a band that should receive the maximum respect. ASKA could easily be a mainstream band, unfortunately, there's the lack of support for these kinds of band so the underground webzines have a duty to support the band!

Although you can hear familiar elements in their music, Aska have created their own sound (thanks to the songs and once again, the unique vocals). The reason the vocals are 'one of a kind' is the clarity, the melancholic touch and the timbre which makes it so easy to recognize ASKA as a band. Some of George's high screams gives me cold shivers (goose bumps)! Superior! Mix Traditional Metal like Saxon with some US Metal in the vein of Leatherwolf or Fates Warning and you will discover ASKA's sound.

Itís been a long wait, but finally the new album, "Absolute Power" is released. Once again I'm becoming re-addicted to ASKA's music, 'Legion' and 'Her Ghost Remains' are mandatory listening for everybody! Mixing plenty of power with a lot of melody, the songs keep on hammering in your head. Oh how I would like to see these guys live onstage. I can only hope that some German festival organizers will contact them (again!).

My final list of ''Best Albums of 2007'' was closed too early because ASKA deserves a place at the top of it. If you have the chance to buy this piece of gold; don't hesitate. Check them at:  /

My points: 100 / 100