(Review by Officer Nice)

Black Metal is a genre that gave me its secrets a few years ago when I discovered it for the very first time, in  the last Metal shop my hometown ever knew. Although I am a major fan of American traditional bands only the Scandinavian Black Metal formations can satisfy me. They have that coldness running through their veins that gives me and enormous kick. That obscurity and those sinister arrangements can only be performed by musicians from the North of Europe, strange but true.

Atius is a band from Denmark and they have recently released this record. The bands logo nor the front cover made me think this was a Black Metal formation but it is, and a rather good one in my opinion. Why? Because this band is able to add melody and melancholy into their music, more than only obscurity. Morten Jensen, singer of the band, contains the perfect voice for this kind of Metal and although he contains a rough timbre, a voice from out of the darkest gates of Hell, he knows how to touch my soul. It’s also thanks to the musicians around him he’s able doing this because Atius is a Black metal formation that delivers variety.

Musical wise Atius is coming close to bands like Immortal and even more the later Gorgoroth. Those ultrafast drum sessions are rare and Atius prefers more mid tempo rhythms, just the way I like it. It gives the band the opportunity to be more melodic. On the other hand this band sounds ultra heavy and this with the perfect dark touch to make this release very interesting. They’re able to pull me into these dark woods where Satanic rituals are taking place, Atius makes me imagine how it feels being a Black Metal fan into these strange countries. Atius is threatening and mysterious but is musical strong enough to overgrow, in my opinion, lots of other and more famous Black Metal bands. But I admit, I’m no specialist in this subculture. Maybe the fact they’re constantly seducing the thin lines with the more technical Death Metal genre has a lot to do with it although Black Metal is more emotional and that’s what I am searching for. Nevertheless this is Black Metal, from a band that can easily convince me.

Time flies with this record and Atius seduces me to make spin after spin. Unfortunately we don’t have a real cold winter this year because it would empowers me even more to get into the right mood. “Gods Of Science” brings me anyway in a special atmosphere, the kind only a few Black metal bands are able to. It’ like or dislike to me, in this case the choice is easily made.

Fans of the genre shouldn’t doubt for a split second to purchase this on. Atius wrote a very good yet threatening album, foreseen with melodic lines and – no exceptional – guitar solos. The production is good enough and to me this is already one of the better bands in this Extreme Metal scène. Bring me more like this on! Check out

My Points: 89 / 100