ATTACKER - GIANTS OF CANAAN (Metal On Metal Records)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

I admit I doubted the future of Attacker after Bob Mitchell left the band. What would become of my old time heroes? It seemed an impossible mission to find a new singer. Meanwhile years went on and the last full album was dated 2006. Suddenly, from out of nothing, Mike (Sabatini) promised me that the new singer was and old friend, a true Metal warrior, a man we would bow our head deep for. And he was right: it was… Bobby Lucas. This friendly lad stepped into Attacker and that was the best this band could do! No bad words about Bob Mittchel but Bobby Lucas? The man I saw with Overlorde at the Keep It true Festival, overwhelming the crowd and who did such fantastic work with Seven Witches? Awesome or should I say Fucking A!


In the time I met Bobby Lucas I wrote reviews for another webzine. I sent the man a few questions for an interview and it took weeks before I received a message.  At the Keep It True festival he came to me and gave me the interview, all written with a pen, fifteen pages long! He worked for weeks on it, just incredible! He told me he wanted to take time to give good answers, the reason it took so long…. I will never forget! 


Let’s get to the new album, titled “Giants of Canaan”. The creepy intro, totally in the atmosphere from what you see on the cover, makes me shiver. I know something mysterious yet grand will come my way! And it is, the first notes, the first sharp riffs, the first fast played leads, the first cry of Metal God Bobby Lucas! This is Attacker as we know them, even far beyond! The tempo is typical for an US Metal band but only the big bands like Helstar and Attacker have the skills to perform it this way. The calm middle part; astonishing, it really “rips out my heart”! And then that emotional brain cracking guitar solo, supported by a subtle cry of mister Lucas! Just fan-tas-tic! The dramatic thundering riffage and overwhelming drum parts says it all: the lords of thunder are back!


”Trapped In Black” is another superb song and makes me already think Attacker is writing history! The arrangements are fantastic, the refrains and choruses are breathtaking and the solos, just wow! A triumphant technical speed/thrash opera, hardly ever achieved, is blowing through my speakers and this record settles itself easily between “Nosferatu” (Helstar) or “Nightmare World” (Eidolon).  We’re talking about the ultimate top of Heavy Metal, ladies and gentlemen, US Power Metal at its best, always ignored but nevertheless reigning supreme!


Bobby Lucas is in big form and his vocal lines often remind me of what he did with Overlorde. “The Hammer” is another track that keeps on playing in my mind and those varied arrangements are blistering! And those leads… I can’t believe my ears! Complexity is a key word on “Giants Of Canaan” but Attacker makes it sound so simple that the listener is sucked into their energy at once! Yet Attacker created their own house style many years ago and fans of the band will know what I am talking about. Michael Sabatini, the ultra-friendly drummer of the band and both guitar players, Pat Marinelli and Mike Benetatos, are responsible for creating this brand!


“Sands Of Time” is another gigantic track, reminding me of good old Iron Maiden in their “Powerslave” time. Not specific musical wise but because of the fact Bobby Lucas is flirting with Bruce Dickinson’s kind of vocal lines right here! Fantastic performance with  a brilliant epic touch! But, Bobby is without any doubt a typical US Power Metal singer, or in other words a fan of true Heavy Metal from the old school! This guy makes, with his strong and clear lungs, every single note sound catchy, a skill that makes him belong to the best Metal singers on earth, no doubt! “Black Winds Calling” is a typical Attacker song, fans from “The Second Coming” will easily adept it. And again those guitars, those double leads…. they must even satisfy Beethoven… Allow me to drool…


The band keeps on playing on a high qualitative level during the entire album. I can’t discover any weaknesses. “The glen of the ghost “closes this fantastic album. It’s another epic track, another song where Bobby and Attacker are proving what they’re capable of.


So, here’s the new Attacker and fans of US Metal should buy this one blindfolded! What a blast! Attacker just played in Germany but will visit Belgium after summer! I can’t wait to be there at the Ages Of Metal Festival! to purchase this classic one, a first serious candidate for the ‘album of the year’.


My Points: 98 / 100