ATTACKER - THE SECOND COMING (Sentinel Steel Records)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

The only ''Lords Of Thunder'' are Attacker from New Jersey!After the release of the legendary ''Battle At Helm's Deep'' singer Bob Mitchell left the band and was replaced by John Leone, previous singer of a band called Phantom Lord. Attacker was a band of its time and mixed speediness with plenty of power. In the eighties this was a well tasted combination although many bands chose the path of Thrash or very Melodic Metal. Even after all these years it gives Attacker a cult status. We can say Attacker was influencing for the US Power Metal scene and we can easily decide they stood at the cradle of this underrated US Metal genre.


The screaming vocals of John Leone and Bob Mitchell were typical for Attacker. After the death of John Leone (RIP) Attacker disbanded but they came back in 2004 with the ''Soul Taker'' album. This time Bob Mitchell was present again and he did a fantastic job. He proved once more his skills on the album and every time I saw Attacker on stage.


The reason we're making a review about this album is because of John Leone. He lend his voice to ''The Second Coming'' and did a remarkable job. His high screams, the raw clearance in his voice and the vocal lines he produced were surprising. His shrieks have an addictive effect and they fit perfectly in the pure Metal of Attacker.Time after time John overwhelms the listener, especially the beginning of 'Revelations Of Evil' gives me cold shivers. It's such a pity this Metal brother died way too young but he's in our memories, every time we listen to this magnificent album.


Although Attacker created uncounted good songs they never received the well deserved respect for it. The main base for the songs was made by a powerful combination of killing riffs and 'thundering' drums! The ultra friendly Mike Sabatini is an incredible good drummer, playing varied parts with a lot of flair! Pat Marinelli and Tom D'Amico played on this disc plenty of energetic riffs and great solos. After all these years Pat is still a 'Metal beast pur sang'. The album contains 8 fantastic 'straight forward' songs, mostly written by bass player Ciarlo. Listening to this album means that you will bang your head from the beginning 'till the end, no way to escape!


Attacker stands for Metal in vein of bands like Helstar and Hades... strong and powerful, 'thrashy' and with a light progressive and even aggressive touch. Nowadays this might sound 'old school' but I can assure you it is pretty hard to find modern bands that play as convincing as Attacker does. Attacker released a compilation album called ''Standing The Test Of Time'', a chance for you to discover this awesome US Metal band. I can't wait to see Mike and the rest of the Attacker camp back on stage.


My Points: 100 / 100