AVENTYR - DRIVEN (Mighty Music/Target Distribution)


                                    (Review by Stefan)

Last year, Norwegian based Aventyr was celebration their 10th. Anniversary and I’m sure that these raw and energetic rockers know how to raise hell while having a party loaded with a lot of beers! Original formed in 2001, not everything went without a hitch. During their early years of existence, all turned out smoothly due to a strong musicianship within the ranks. Yet three years later on in 2004, the band called it quits – good for the fans, they returned to the scene in 2008. Founder, composer and guitarist Steinar Aven & co-founder, vocalist/composer Roger Olsen were determined to go further – new musicians entered the Aventyr ranks so they were ready for a revival!


Aventyr’s first output was the EP called “Trouble” and the press and media defined the band as a mixture of Hellacopters and Backyard Babies, one led to another and they got a well deserved, five year publishing agreement with US originating Michael Davenport/Expressive Artists, where also AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses and David Bowie are signed. Finally Aventyr got the recognition they deserved and plans were made to create a new, full length album. Meanwhile, this follow-up to the EP ‘Trouble’ has been recorded by themselves at a local studio in Forde, the hometown of Aventyr. Entitled “Driven”, Danish label Mighty Music will release the album officially the 28th. of January 2013.


Ten songs, a running time of 32 minutes might be not long enough for some of you out there but each minute on this record gives so much raw energy to your ears that maybe, you will be pleased with the short duration afterwards. I prefer a short but straight to the bone album like Aventyr’s “Driven” above a one-hour effort with a whole lotta boring moments. These Norwegian offer their way of hard rockin’ and rollin’ heavy metal music with a driving persuasive force.


Opener and title track “Driven” is actually a good feeling, old school melodic Hard Rock piece in the vein of good old The Rods fame. Another fine Classic Hard Rock song comes next by the title of ‘Betrayed’ and its AC/DC feel. And I’m feeling good while listening to ‘Trouble’ due to the mixture of Classic Heavy Metal and raw Rock ‘N’ Roll guitar delivery. AC/DC & Rose Tattoo, Backyard Babies, American Dog, Alice Cooper,… the song ‘Torpedo’ would be very interested for you. ‘Crazy Roads” opens with a nice HM guitar riff and goes on pretty hard following an up-tempo rhythm. ‘Empty Bottles’ opens with guitars lines those who remind me of both early Motörhead and Iron Maiden. This track sounds hard as hell and as for vocal duties, I’d like to compare with James Hetfield these days.


“Driven” brings on a good set of songs featuring a raw and mean singing frontman, the guitars to sound real hard featuring quite simple riffs and when it come to a solo move, I’m not overwhelmed but average satisfied. The Rock ‘N’ Roll content is massively present at one side, the other side brings on some good old Hard Rock/Heavy Metal vibes to my ears which I’m very pleased with! Aventyr’s “Driven” album is a product for wild ones! I mean people who like their stuff real hard with no compromises, full forced in a hard rockin’ and rollin’ manner should check these Norwegians out for sure. Excellent album when you’re hanging out with friends, pouring down some beers… having a real good time actually. That’s what Rock ‘N’ is all about, right! Band check: http://www.facebook.com/aventyrband - label contact at: http://www.mightymusic.dk/ 


My Points: 80 / 100