(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

After Absolva from Manchester, here’s another new band from the same area, called Babylon Fire. Built in 2007 on a foundation of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, extended into the territories of Stone Sour, Machine Head and even F.F.D.P., the band learned, developed and ultimately emerged with a signature sound which has helped them deliver an uncommonly mature and multi-dimensional debut with both hooks and depths.  Well, at least, that’s what we read on the info sheet that accompanied my promo of ‘Dark Horizons’.

Originally, the band was found with 2 guitar players, but when Will Reece decided to call it a day, the rest of the band was left behind with a major quest: who will be the perfect replacement to continue their path? Well, several auditions took place, but everyone failed the test, so the band decided to continue as a quartet, with limited guitar explosions. Ryk (bass), Rishi (guitar), Mark (drums) and a second Mark on the microphone entered the MCC Studios during May-June 2012, and that result will be available from November 12th. on.

‘Dark Horizons’ was produced by Andy Giblin, who worked with band like Kill2This and iDefi before. The debut album contains 12 songs, and although there is enough diversity in the musical skills of the band, I’m personally not really into the vocal capacities of Mark Dunford. His voice isn’t exactly the throat that I’m looking for, in this kind of musical direction, as I missed a bit of aggression.. Of course, that’s a personal view! Musical wise, we hear some great heavy metal with good pace and some songs that have a slower arrangement. I don’t know if they will release a single as well, but if they do, I guess it’s gonna be the track ‘Stripped Away’. All in all, the music of Babylon Fire pleased me all the way, and if you are into the vocal parts, you will adore this album. There is also a little acoustic instrumental song ‘Gates To Oblivion’, followed by the anthem of the band ‘Wrath Of The Fallen’. This last song is together with ‘Blood In Blood Out’ my personal favorite track…

Those that want to hear an appetizer, well there is a free mp3 download available of the song ‘Shattered Crown’ on the RockSector website and check if this modern metal appeals to you! All in all, a very good start for this young band, but I would like to hear some progress in the throat on their next album. 

My rating: 80 / 100