(Review by officer Nice) 

Babylon Mystery Orchestra is some kind of Christian project. Americans are known as true believers and itís no coincidence this country has a real Christian metal scŤne. This is the sixth, perhaps the last effort from Sidney Allen Johnson with Babylon Mystery Orchestra. I missed the previous parts although I noticed this Ďbandí before on the Internet.

Although I am a big fan of Christian metal bands, not for the lyrics but mostly because of the quality of the music, I never got into this one. The biography, that was added wit this one, advised me to get a lots of attention for the lyrics. I admit Sir Allen Johnson worked hard on them. This man says what needs to be said and therefore I bow my head.

To be honest I should have been more pleased if there must have been more time spend on the music because even multiple listens really doesnít convince me. To me this is a bit boring and I have hard times discovering a red line into it. I agree music is the ideal medium to spread words but let the music talk for itself, no? The beginning, reminding me of Therion, is good to maintain my attention but sadly I canít stay focused and after two tracks this Orchestra totally lost me. I supposed this means Hell in my afterlife but thankfully my friends will be there tooÖ

Especially the vocals are giving me bad vibes. I was expecting changes during this CD but I didnít hear them. Okay, itís something special, it has some kind of Doom all over but no, not my cup of tea. Babylon Mystery Orchestra delivers some kind of old school Doom Heavy Metal, with a clear Seventies sound but not the way I like it. Fans of Doom Metal should try this one out because I canít be negative all over, I really heard some good arrangements in vein of all Godfathers of Heavy Metal. What a difference it would have been with better vocals. Find out yourself at

My Points: 65 / 100