BAKKEN - DEATH OF A HERO (Independent)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

Northern Of Ireland isn’t exactly the most common country of we talk about Metal. This part of the British Island suffered for a long time some kind of civil war, the Irish Republican Army has always played an important role in it. It’s a shame that this little piece of the United Kingdom always makes us think about this war, not to the beauty of this country, for sure not to Heavy Metal.

A visit to their was enough to get in touch and here lies “Death Of A Hero”, an album that contains a front cover that attracts me somehow. I’m expecting lots of darkness, will Bakken satisfy my hunger and make some shady thoughts part of me? The intro leads me into some kind of atmosphere and what I hear is some good played Power Metal. The band works with two guitars, mostly that’s the best option for a Power Metal band, counts also for Bakken.

Musical wise Bakken mixes the European and American kind of Power Metal. The riffs are very sharp, rather thrashy and they’re supported by changing drum sessions. Bakken brings lots of variation into their music, without becoming Progressive. The leads are pulling your attraction and qua arrangements they reminds me to Manticora, on of the best European Power Metal bands. The further you go into the release, the more American influences you will hear, especially the more mid-tempo Thrash Metal like Megadeth or Meliah Rage.

And indeed Bakken tries, and succeeds, to deliver the listener gloomy music and especially because of the music! The fantastic played riffs, double leads and solos are an extra bonus point for the band. The extraordinary basic rhythm sessions are giving Bakken the right touch to get into the right mood. Not that Bakken is able to deliver something innovating but they’re very good in doing what they are created for; playing hard hitting Heavy Metal! Either you hear the riffs, the choruses and refrains or the way these good structured songs are performed; Bakken breathes 100% pure Metal.

I can’t say that the vocals of Simon Pickett are the weakest point of the band but I am quite sure that a better singer could lift up Bakken to a higher level. I hear lots of goodies on “Death Of A Hero” but the vocals are somewhere middle of the road, nothing exceptional. I don’t know what the future of the band will bring but the search of a singer with a special timbre, including high shrieks and screams would professionalize this band even more. Nevertheless you didn’t hear me say that these vocals are bad, not even close…

Bakken is a band with a lot of potential and proves again that our English brothers really know what good Metal is all about. No coincidence when you know the cradle of our genre stood over there, about four decades ago. Fans of all I was writing before should really check this one out!

My Points: 84 / 100