BOARDERS - R-EXISTENCE Deluxe Edition (Roxx Records)


                                  (Review by Stefan)

Italian based Boarders’ debut album “The World Hates Me” was unleashed back in 2007, I remember that, during my review, I was very positive in connection with their musical skills and delivered style of Metal. The reason why this album deserved my complete attention was that Boarders (who started as a Megadeth cover band) were found to be influenced by Mr. Mustaine’s world-class, famous act mainly, also slices taken from Annihilator, Metallica and even Metal Church came up. An album that got a very valued score at the end of my review and I was wondering what the next following years would bring.


Boarders’ new album R-Existence officially came out early 2012. Late January 2013, executive producer & CEO of US label Roxx Records released a ‘Deluxe Edition’’, a newly expanded release available as a limited version including a lot of bonus material. This great edition comes along with three brand new songs and two, previously unreleased 2003 demo recordings. Due to I’ve heard this album a few times by now, I can tell that it’s worth to purchase your own copy right away at:


Was it worth to wait on this new Boarders album called “R-Existence”, I say definitely yes! Again the band breaks through the barricades of sound with a lot of great stuff, harder songs are interspersed with tracks displaying a more quieter identity. According to myself, Boarders was born in the late 80s to raise hell while playing their stuff in a Power/Thrash Metal mode instead of taking it easy as can be heard on instrumentals ‘Take My Heart’ and the fusion esque ‘A Warm Place’. Also, ‘Pure Gold’ featuring the female voice of Mariangela Scafati can not convince me because it’s too soft/mealy for a band like Boarders. I don’t feel the rush because of the power is lacking.


The only real and true nature of the band comes up with songs like: ‘The Agony Of Lying”, ‘Signs Of Resistance’, ‘Vengeance Is Yours’, ‘4th. Reich’ featuring one of my favourite guitarists ever, Mr. Jeff Waters from mighty Annihilator. Coincidentally or not, these songs appear with a lot of power and nice technical skills reminiscent to Megadeth and Annihilator fame! I’m addicted to high-pitched vocals by the grace of Metal music and based on that point, Boarders won’t let me down as well by delivering the great ‘Lightbringer’ piece. This song manages to create some unexpected twists which is always good to keep the album most enjoyable.


With all respect for the brand new songs but have to admit that the last two, actually bonus tracks are the most interesting ones to me. These previously unreleased 2003 demo songs entitled ‘Deliver You Back To Hell’ and ‘For What It’s Worth’ have an early 90s Thrash Metal vibe with grimm vocals and superb leads those who cut through flesh and bone because of their melodic edge. If I can follow my own heart I prefer these last two songs above all the rest. Is this a matter of disrespecting the band’s new songs? Definitely not because they’re real good as well – all has to do with my everlasting passion for old school Metal so when it comes to make a final decision regarding preferences, I will always go back to the roots and best period in my life called a the Classic Hard Rock & Metal era!


Still, I’d like to recommend this Deluxe Edition of Boarder’s new output “R-Existence” to everyone who like to get their Metal fix in a technical way with references to Megadeth and Annihilator in the first place. Great vocals and a lot of beautiful riffs/leads, on a regular basis a rainstorm of melodic parts arises in full glory. Boarders moves away from the typical Italian Metal scene and deliver the goods!


My Points: 86 / 100