BODRAGAZ - SYMPHONY (Fox Street Records)


                           (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Bodragaz started back in 1995 in the area of Arvada, Colorado, and they aimed to bring progressive metal with some melodic vocals mixed in between heavy riffing. They had some problems in recruiting the correct lead guitar player, but in the end Charles J. Dickey seemed to be the right man on the right spot! Together with Mike Taft (drums), Michael Layer (vocals, guitars and keyboards) and James Wescott (bass, vocals), they just recorded their latest album called “Symphony”.

Well, of course, this band isn’t new to me! I reviewed their previous album and rated it with a score that says it all: 92/100! Check the review of ‘Awaken’ at this location .

It took 4 long years to hear new material of this band, and dudes, it was worth the wait! All the elements that I mentioned in the previous review are still present, but they all got a ‘fine-tune’ mode. The vocals are even more sensitive while the common factor of the songs breathes more dedication than before. This is truly their best album to date, and I wonder what this band is capable to in the next coming years! Bodragaz is really underestimated, and this pearl needs to be discovered by the worldwide movement of dedicated music adepts! Symphony is a perfect description for the 10 tracks on this album and after albums like ‘Solid Sound’, ‘Clear’, ‘Awaken’ and ‘Symphony’, I would suggest to call their next album ‘Dedication’, because that’s what Bodragaz stands for.

Deep respect for this quartet that knows exactly where the music touches the heart! Bodragaz homepage at: 

My rating: 94 /10