BORN OF FIRE - ANTHOLOGY (No Remorse Records)


                                   (Review by Stefan)

Along with the release of an Iron Maiden tribute called “Maiden America” through Twilight Records back in 1999, I heard for the very first time of a band named Born Of Fire. On this albom, they stood firm and contributed with the legendary Iron Maiden cover ‘Remember Tomorrow’ and a second, song of their own entitled ‘Fire And Brimstone’. As a longtime seasoned US Metal maniac I can remember very well Born Of Fire Stole my heart right on! When you are dealing with Metal music from Phoenix, Arizona you better be well prepared for something big, really big I mean.


Before the start of Born Of Fire, most of the members were in a band called Psychic Pawn with which they have released a three-song demo “Wake Of Entity” but the band came to an end due to intern circumstances. Born Of Fire was officially formed back in 1997 and first demo saw the crack of dawn in 1999. Four songs on the tracklist, along with this demo recording, Born Of Fire surprised all US Power Metal maniacs who liked their stuff pure as can be. One year later on and BOF unleashed their debut, full length album “Transformation” featuring 9 compositions and again, the feedback came on in those days was outstanding. Press and media were overwhelmed and also the band got a lot of airplay as well. Independently released so the main thing was to catch a decent record deal, which they really and unfortunately could not live up. Damn shame these guys never deserved a fair chance to spread their fantastic way of Metal through one or another record company. But they won’t give up the fight and in 2001, the release of a three song EP was a fact! One of the songs from the demo entitled ‘In The End’ has been downloaded for at least 60.000 times and it earned the band an underground European Metal charting of #3 at one time. And still, not even one label offered these guys what they really deserved like no others – a label contract. That’s a shame to me… actually a same old story repeating itself on a regular basis.


It’s quite amazing to see all the great bands Born Of Fire shared the stage with throughout the years of existence… here’s a small list: Armored Saint, Agent Steel, Destiny’s End, Saxon, Flotsam & Jetsam, Manowar, Sanctuary… ain’t this impressive!? While doing some research on the band’s background, I found the fact they once participated on a Black Sabbath tribute album with one of the biggest BS songs ever to me entitled “Heaven And Hell” featuring the one and only, almighty and widely acclaimed God of Metal R.J. Dio!


Late December 2012, there was one particular label from Greece named No Remorse Records appeared with such a fantastic idea to release all the stuff from Born Of Fire on one CD by the applicable title “Anthology”. One of the best US Power Metal outfits from the 90s available for the very first time on CD… this one means the world to me. It wasn’t evident to catch material from these Phoenix metallers in the past, now big thanks to No Remorse Records who were able to re-release all their superior works of pure US Metal!


Born Of Fire offers their music outstanding, full of variation featuring dark progressive elements and loads of nice melodic guitars. Another, very important pawn in the game of BOF is, without a doubt, singer J. Davis and its world class type of acting. In the vein of Metal gods like Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) / Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Scott Oliva (ex-Wind Wraith/The Nightmare Stage/…), George Call (Aska/Bashee), Rick Mythiasin (Steel Prophet/New Eden/Redemption…), Born Of Fire had one of the greatest vocalists on board in the history of US Power Metal. For sure, shivers running down my spine as soon as he starts to sing! Also the guitar players in for the kill with their brilliant ways of guitar shredding, I just adore everything Born Of Fire plays.


“Anthology” from Born Of Fire released through No Remorse Records deserves a standing ovation, nothing but big appreciation to both band and label from my side! You can get a professional looking edition featuring a 16 pages and full coloured booklet including lyrics, awesome artistic paintings, lyrics, pictures and full biography. Make notice of the fact this is a limited release of only 500 copies so be fast if you want to be sure of something supernatural good!


Fans of early Queensryche/Iron Maiden/Steel Prophet, Fates Warning (Ray Alder–“No Exit” period), Oracle, Aska, Mercury Rising – in short, each and every US Power Metal collector should better be fast and order Born Of Fire’s “Anthology” effort on the double at: 


For the record, I keep on playing this CD over and over again – I just can’t get enough of all the beautiful songs so allow me to say that US Metal still reigns supreme in my heart! One last, unfortunately painful fact to mention – they’re finally disbanded and that’s a damn disappointment for all us, the ones hooked on the mighty forces of US hammering steel!


My Points: 96 / 100