BRAVE - THE LAST BATTLE (Independent / Stryke Management & Promotion)


                          (Review by Patrick De Sloover) 

‘The Last Battle’ is the debut album of Brave from Brazil. They released this first album as an independent release, hoping to get recognition in their area and far beyond. It all begun around 1998 with the purpose to play Heavy Metal. They recorded a few demos which drew the attention of specialized media. Finally, a dream came true when they decided to record a first full-length album. The band entered the Aquarela studios around March 2012, and here it is ‘The Last Battle’, although there is none of the original members on board, they keep spreading the original idea when the band was found. 

This first album has a nice booklet with legibly lyrics and a pretty cool front cover artwork, totally compatible with the lyrical topics. Opener ‘The Battle Begins’ brings us in the right mood to enjoy ‘Made For Me’. Well, the sound is okay, the musical arrangements are above the average as well, and the quartet of Brave seems to know how to handle their instruments. This power metal likes to spread the word about old forgotten kings and warriors!  Fierce names will pass by, like Genghis Khan, King Arthur, Alexandre The Great, Attila The Hun, … These names in combination with the accompanied photo of the lineup brought my ideas to Manowar. They are dressed in leather and ready to kill! When you will listen to the track ‘Heavy Metal’ you will hear these sentences: ‘Heavy Metal – To guided our fight, Heavy Metal - to be in our lives, Heavy Metal – burning in my veins, Heavy Metal – to control all your minds’, isn’t that typical for the brothers of Steel ? 

Brave is a band that will have a lot of fun bringing their hymns and although they aren’t ready for international success, they gave me a good time with their Heavy Power Metal. If they keep up the good work and spend even more time in fine-tuning their metal messages, the way to success lies open…

My rating:  76 /100