(Review by Stefan)

Let’s pump some real US Power Metal into our veins people! San Diego based Cage is here with a fifth and new album entitled Science Of Annihilation. With a lot of conviction, I will make my words hard and strong while telling you all I'm a huge fan since their first output “Unveiled” as well as the following efforts such as: “Astrology”, “Darker Than Black” and “Hell Destroyer’. Four masterpieces in line – throughout the years, Cage developed itself as one of the last years, most brilliant Power Metal acts for sure. Nothing to do with the European Metal scene – Cage brings on right in your face, damn excellent to the bone US Metal music!

The new album “Science of Annihilation” is so damn good – I’ve played this one over and over again the last few days! Before the new album saw daylight, my respect for these guys was infinite – believe me on my word. The songs present on “Science Of Annihilation” to defy every imagination. cage teamed up with a new drummer named Norm Leggio – die-hard US Metal fans surely know he played in Psychotic Waltz before and that means a lot. I’ve never heard Cage play in such a fantastic manner – one of my favourite singers Sean Peck opens all his pipes like he never did before. Sean’s high pitch vocals were memorable in the past – well, I actually don’t know how to make myself clear right now. More incredible, awesome, powerful,… I'm speechless!


To open up the CD, you’ll get an intro but what follows isunbelievable…’Planet Crusher’ makes his entrance and there we go on a speed train through the valleys of US Power Metal to the extreme. Fast guitar riffage with top-notch vokillz and a perfect balance between drum and bass lines. Damn, it’s only a start and I'm already gasping for air! ‘Scarlet Witch’ passes by in full glory and a new killer song ‘Spirit Of Vengeance’ is breathing down your neck in full force. Storming rhythms deliveredwith technical gear – superb again! And the story goes on and on – Cage goes on in full force, better watch out for other neck snapping masterpieces like: ‘Black River Falls’, ‘Speed Kills’, ‘Die Glocke’, ‘Science Of Annihilation’.


All the amazing guitar duels between Dave Garcia and Wayne McGinnis ton speak to my imagination. It reminds me to the good old days when Metal Church or Vicious Rumors guitar wielders made their moves on albums like “Metal Church” / “Soldiers Of The Night”. Pure as can be – US Metal guitar tactics to the bone… I still can’t get enough of this so damn grateful form of music, can’t live without it truly!

“Science Of Annihilation” deserves a place on top of my own top 20 best albums of 2009 – that’s for sure! More than 50 minutes of breathtaking US Power Metal – maniacs on the prowl for lethal, high pitch vocals in the vein of Rob Halford, James Riveira, Bobby ’Leather Lungs’ Lucas or even King Diamond and furious guitar moves including the most excellent riffs / solo’s played on explosive, speedy ‘headbanging’ rhythms better start looking out for this product – one thing is for sure – you won’t regret at all. US Power Metal for maniacs pure as can be!!

My Points: 100 / 100