(Review by Officer Nice)

Some of you might know Dan Castro as a former member of Twilight Odyssey. He is still active in Gothic Knights and Magust Beast, I hope their new albums will be released soon. Both bands are known because of the high quality in their music and good musicianship. It's obvious that we can expect the same skills in Dan's own band, Castrofate. And yes, if you're into awesome powerful Thrash Metal riffs on varied mid tempo songs, you have just found a band that will fit you well. On the typical American way Castrofate seems to know how to play pure Metal and they receive their goal to please you as a pure metalhead. The arrangements are very good written and exciting enough to give this album more than a few listens. Power is all over, no compromises are made and I suppose that's the way how we like it, no? Just by watching the cover you can expect aggression, the music is hard-hitting and is definitely influenced by bands like the old and good Metallica (just listen to 'Silent Agony'), Pantera and a lot of Thrash Metal bands.


Vocal wise Dan Castro is no master; don't expect mind blowing vocals and that might be the weakest point of ''Awakening Of The Beast''. Dan Castro is for sure a very good song writer, a very competent guitar player but is in my opinion not the ideal singer for this kind of music. I know, I am a very difficult review writer if we talk about vocals, so blame me instead of Dan.


This album proves once more Metal is back alive in the States, a few years ago it would have been impossible to receive such cd's for review. I'm convinced for sure there's a bright future at hand for Castrofate in the True Metal scene. Check themout at:  

My Points: 80/100