(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Civilization One can be described as a very international company, as there are members present of France, England, Brazil, Italy and why not: Sri Lanka! Years ago, I had an interview with Chity Somapala, who was the vocalist of Avalon at that time, and I still remember the great chat we had, with a very friendly frontman. Chity is now vocalist in Civilization One, a band that is originally from Germany (Berlin). A few years ago, the band broke up, after the release of their debut album ‘Revolution Rising’, as there wasn’t any longer interest from a record label. It seems like the dark clouds are gone, as they got signed to Limb Music to release their second output ‘Calling The Gods’.

The album starts with an oriental tune that continues into the title track of the album. From then on, the power and melodic metal is screaming at you at full speed with a lot of details, breaks and twists in the structures of the songs. The first songs are matching to each other and especially the track ‘Evil Eye’ drew my attention! Civilization One seems to have a lineup that is capable to bring their metal solid, with a melodic twist, combined with finger-cracking riffs, profound melodies and illustrious vocals by Chity. There are 9 songs and 1 intro on this album and a lot of goodies: three bonus tracks and a bonus video clip of the track ‘The Land In Flames’. 

This second album is produced by Markus Teske, who worked with Vanden Plas, Mob Rules and Symphony X before. The sound  is perfect, the front cover artwork is average and the total impression on this album is fantastic power metal with a lot of progressive influences. Limb is releasing this album at the same time as the new Eyefear album, and this might be a disadvantage for Civilization One who might be described as the lesser of the two Limb releases, and perhaps, that’s not really a fair chance..  

My rating: 82 / 100