COALITION - SOLIS IMPULSION  (Konklav Records/Hurricane Entertainment)


                              (Review by Officer Nice)

I don’t know if foreigners understand anything about Belgium. It’s one country, with a French and Dutch part and a little piece where people talk German. “We” confiscated that specific part after World War II. We have six governments and an Italian guy from the South part of the country (where only a small amount of Belgian people live) rules over the entire country, including the richer and more crowded North part of this land. Strange? It’s Belgium, it’s called democracy in a country where corruption rules!

Nevertheless in Metal there are no boundaries and for ages none of the Metal heads in this bizarre country was really interested in this kind of politics. People from the South and the North are banging together at concerts, we drank beers together in old times in long forgotten metal pubs. And yes, we talk about the politics, we simply laugh with it, as the most civilians do, because we have one common passion that overrules politics: Heavy Metal.

From this part of the country there were less Metal bands in the past, but we had Asphyxia – a fantastic Thrash metal band from the eighties and Drakkar. Nowadays there’s a lot to do in this area, PPM Fest for example and some new bands are rising, Max Pie for example. And so I introduce you to a band from the South, a band called Coalition. These guys are active for a longer time and as far as I know this is their third effort, next to an EP they released in 2011.

This album takes of with a sinister intro after which Coalition delivers clearly their messages in pure and varied Death Metal. Three males and one female, bass player Celine Defernez, are responsible for it. With rather technical riffs, played on different tempi the band blows ultra heavy metal through your speakers.  The production is professional and modern, making Coalition also sound as a Death Metal band dated 2013. It are especially those arrangements that don’t miss their effects on the listener. A true wall of sound is heading my way.

More difficult is it to find melody. This kind of dark grunts isn’t always easy to adept, certainly if you’re not the biggest fan of it. On the other hand it were these kind of dark not understandable noises that made bands like Napalm Death immense popular. What I really want to say is that this kind of Metal isn’t meant for everyone’s ears. But in their genre these guys are really top! This is first class Death metal, musical wise there are not many negative points. Tracks like “Purgatory Freeze”, “Doom’s Trooper” and “Symbolic Sedition” will convince every Death Metal fanatic at once! And although Coalition is a modern band, they constantly show how important the old school Death Metal school really was.

If you’re into modern Death Metal, with outstanding riffs, blistering drum parts and overpowering – call it brutal - sounds Coalition might be the band you’re looking for. Guitar player Yoan Schieber is responsible for the riffage and did a great job, even in the leads.  No doubt in my mind to support this Belgian band! Check this great Death Metal formation at Headbanging stuff!

My Points: 82 / 100