CONFIDENCE - PRELUDE (Independent/Metal Revelation)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

This band chose not to release their work on a traditional label. In their biography they wrote that they will release it through the digital channels that exists today. They embrace the new world of the Internet. A good idea I suppose although I am a traditional metal fan, one of those old dinosaurs theyíre talking about and I prefer to add good albums in my CD-racks instead of storing them on my laptop. Iím the kind of Metal head who wants the physical jewel case, the booklet. I want to touch and smell the album, I want to put the album of Confidence where all my other CDís of bands with the first letter C belongsÖ

I visited meanwhile the official site of the band but the store isnít available yet. Main question is if this band sells CDís or not. Iím confused, I admit. Another strange but honest phrase I found in the biography is the fact that the band offers releases with four or five songs. The reason is that full lengths albums often contains half poor produced tracks. I donít agree actually but itís their point of view.

Anyway these Swedish guys are introducing new thoughts in a new world and I donít know if I can live with it. I refuse to give up! I am far too addicted to Metal markets to give in. A Metal market is a physical thing, not a digital oneÖ

Musical wise Confidence is strong enough to convince me. These guys are offering well produced Melodic Heavy metal in which every detail is worked out perfectly. Confidence worked hard to offer the listener quality, no doubts about that. Superb musicians, a fantastic singer and four tracks that sounds refreshing. Confidence crosses the borders of traditional Rock but is for one hundred percent a Metal band. I hear awesome guitar arrangements, fantastic played keyboard and a drummer who hits his instrument on the right way. Singer Emil Kyrk contains an emotional voice and specific timbre. Next to him especially guitar-player Per-Owe ďEwoĒ Solvelius deserves all of my attention.

Confidence is a strong band in its genre, delivers an EP that will probably maintain outstanding reviews. Well deserved if you would ask me! The four songs on this release are equally strong and sounds varied. Fans of the later Savatage should really give the band a chance. Check them out at or visit their Face Book page.

My points: 89 / 100