CONQUEST - END OF DAYS (Darkstar Records)



                                        (Review by Stefan)

If I can speak for myself than I'd like to say that there will be never a more attractive way of music such as US Metal - agree with me or not, that's what I feel for several decades and I refuse to reconsider this opinion! No Metal like US Metal - I'm goddamn satisfied and proud spreading the news of a band called Conquest. Four guys haling us all from St.Louis, Missouri USA - they sent us promo stuff of their new album to review so look sharp to what I've got to tell about these guys way of Metal ! I suppose ''End Of Days'' is album number 5 for Conquest - playing US Metal for quite a while, this is my first contact with these lads and I'm really overwhelmed! Their name of the game can be described as a blend of US Power and Thrash Metal, 100 percent pure! Dynamic to the bone and they've got every single ingredient in the house to speak of something brilliant. I was immediately faces loads of power delivered by a very good singer who's obviously the owner of two lungs with a very huge air content. This guy breaths a lot of energy and power when he does open its mouth.   

Bass and guitar duties one by one in perfect harmony - the combination of both musician's movements sounds fantastic... fireball spitting bass lines in combination with ultra heavy, sometimes groovy riffs and stunning leads - once again, these guys really make me feel proud being a US Metal maniac! Behind the drumkit sits a man who keeps on pounding the skins real hard but tight to the bone reminiscent to one of my favourite drummers of all time named Dan Beehler of legendary Exciter! 


Listen to opener 'Feel My Pain' and follower 'Secrets Of Life' and I knew right away that Conquest was my 'cup of tea' for sure. Power/Thrash Metal the way it should be played - Awesome! Pounding fist in the air and headbang along with 'Walk Alone' ... provoking rhythms cut through heart and soul. 'Killer Machine' is my absolute favourite because of the James Rivera (Helstar) kinda like shrieks in the beginning and the magnificent break half past gone. Full of guitar-driven killer songs with amazing vocals. Keep thrashing on with the song 'Annihilation Complete' and to take some kind of a 'break' to recharge energy you should skip to 'Empty' that reminds me in some way to Pantera's 'Hollow' or Testament's 'The Ballad'. Less power but amazingly nice track! As for the title song, well they saved it to close the album in style - real heavy and powerful played in a way like only world-class musicians do. 


I've amused myself completely cruising Conquest's new album ''End Of Days''. I have found or heard nothing what did not please me. I'd like to recommend this effort to fans of Catch 22, Hard Echo, Havochate, Testament, Megadeth, Imagika,... yeah sure, the real kinda US Metal stuff you know. Go search for Conquest if you're into outstanding Power/Thrash Metal - I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Watch out at:  - . 


My Points 96 / 100