CREEPER - WELCOME TO ROOM # 9 (Independent)


                          (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Creeper started around 2006 and created quite a fuzz in the Dallas area clubs so far. The intention was to start a band with the heaviness of Slayer but the simplicity of AC/DC, and believe it or not, but Creeper succeeds all the way. This band entered the recording studio and worked out a sound that will take you by the balls. Tye Robison produced this debut album and this ‘wall of sound’ combined with old school US metal phenomena is really a highlight in dark times! Creeper has the skills to work their way out of Dallas and gain international success, as they have the exact ingredients to appeal to a lot of metal freaks!

‘Welcome To Room #9’ is the first album of this band that consists of Jimi Fritz (guitars and founding member), Doug Wanderscheid (bass), Rico on drums, and last but not least: Daniel Watkins on lead vocals.  I do want to point this out: the vocals of Creeper are a delight as he is capable to go high, and I mean really High, and at the same time put so much expression in his performance that the name of the band Creeper comes really close. This is how I love my music: intense, profound, massive and violent at the same time! If you add soaring and distorted guitars with a lot of twists and turns, you will agree that this band has a lot of potential to become huge! 

Every song on this debut has an own story, an own identity, but albeit it versatile from start to finish, there is a thread as well. The songs stand as one, the structure on the album is homogenous, and craftsmanship is really outstanding. I really can’t point out one track as a highlight, I can’t say that there is a filler present, as the 11 tracks have an equivalent value.

“Welcome To Room #9, the only room where the innocent die” is the main chorus line in the title track while the yelling guitars demand their spot in the song. This is a really heavy tune with a lot of variation and extremely heavy! Listen how the guitar are howling and yawing! Track 5 is called ‘No One Will Hear’ and starts really slowly which assumes that it’s going to be a world class ballad. The band doesn’t hold their horses for 2 minutes, as this tracks is bursting open into a really HEAVY song with some Pantera influences. Again we hear mind crushing vocals by Daniel Watkins  and believe it or not, but the Mountain King John Oliva is lurking around the corner. This could be a Savatage track from the early years! The same heavy riffing continues in the next song ‘Push It’ while we hear a total different approach in the next track ‘The Majic’, although in the beginning.

This is old school US Metal and I can’t say how long it’s ago that I heard such a deep digging metal band. If you want some screaming vocals, you better check ‘She Can’t Take It No More’ where heaviness drips out of my CD player. I guess that the vocals are misogynistic, but hey, who cares, there is also freedom of speech!  Some ‘horror influences’ in the opener of ‘Timmy’, followed by uptempo metal in ‘War Machine’. The final track ‘Screaming Demon’ is a track that states what Creeper is all about.  Freaky, unlimited excesses with the guitars and vocals prior to the songs!

My rating: 91 /100