CRILLSON - COMING OF A NEW AGE (Arkeyn Steel Records)


                           (Review by Stefan)

Being a US Metal maniac myself for decades, it feels real good to start my day with a review for Glennallen Alaska based Crillson. Delivering an outstanding form of Power Metal since 1984, I always been a big fan of their killer way of Metal. Originally founded by drummer Chris Craig, Dan Miller (guitar) and bassist Todd Wilson. In order to find a name for the band, they used parts of their last names, check it out. Afterwards, Crillson got company of singer Jesse Rezendes, Steve Heath joined forces as second guitar player and current bassist was found by the name J.R. Dicks. Crillson debuted with the album “Coming Of A New Age” (1993), seven years later on, they were back with the follow up entitled “Mellow To Metal”.


Anno 2012 and the great news is that Greek label Arkeyn Steel Records has been released both Crillson albums a few weeks ago. This re-release has been digitally remastered and includes a bunch of nice - never before published - pictures, lyrics… collectors of Classic US Power Metal would undoubtedly have to purchase this masterpiece! Crillson’s debut album wasn’t that easy to find on CD but big thanks to Arkeyn Steel CEO Kostas who also added the band’s very rare, unreleased second album to the tracklist as well. I will mention it over and over again, owning this superb product to make all US Metal maniacs masterfully proud.


Amazing singer Jesse Rezendes is one of my alltime favourite singers, no matter what. Due to this guy is so damn talented, everything single note he sings is just FANTASTIC! All his breathtaking talents are well displayed on tracks like ‘The Chosen One’, ‘Who Can You Trust’, ‘No Cure’ and the nice and tender ‘Destiny’ power ballad. High pitched screams, standard very clean and low edged vocals be offered brilliant. Besides a world class singer, also excellent Power Metal rhythms and a lethal dose of shred guitar moves are the most crucial elements that amaze me a lot.


Another remarkable fact is that there is a huge different between Crillson’s debut and second album “Mellow To Metal” which has less power on board. Is the album title appropriate or not? According to myself, I have to admit that when Crillson plays their stuff in a pure Power Metal mode, my heart nearly skips of total admiration. Most of the “Mellow To Metal” songs can be promoted as ‘easy on the ear’ compositions but that does not deprive my appreciation for Crillson. Integer songs that has been played with a lot of conviction and persuasive force, I have no problem with that. Less powerful, quite mysterious, still an ultimate pleasure to listen at!


Only words of praise to Arkeyn Steel’s release of Crillson’s limited edition of “Coming Of A New Age” featuring their second originally unreleased “Mellow To Metal” as well. Only 1000 handnumbered CD’s are available to don’t waste your time and order right away at ! I would recommend this masterpiece to all fans of late 80s/early 90s  greats like: Oracle, Thrust, Gargoyle, Cerebus, Warlord, Heir Apparent, Queensryche, Cyrith Ungol and stuff. Must-have for all defenders of glorious US Metal!


My Points: 93 / 100