(Review by Officer Nice)

Thanks to the mighty True (Germany based) Metal festivals as ''Keep It True'', ''Headbangers Open Air'' and ''Swordbrothers'' I had the chance to see a lot of bands I missed in the eighties.  Some bands never visited Belgium, on other occasions I just wasn't there. A band that I always wanted to see is Crimson Glory, with Midnight! Unfortunately I missed them and I still regret it! Crimson Glory was a magical band, not only because of the masks the members wore but especially because of the music.


If we talk about the old progression metal movement we talk about Queensryche and Fates Warning but we hardly mention Crimson Glory. I'm convinced this is unfair because Crimson Glory released two outstanding albums, the self-titled album and ''Transcendence''. The precise guitar works, the shredding solos and especially the vocals made this band so unique. The high clear shrieks of Midnight were strange and beautiful, it made Crimson Glory an exclusive metal band. Plenty of skills in the arrangements, shown by all instruments and with a lot of virtuosity, gave the band a progressive touch. We're talking about the year 1986, many years before the term 'Progressive Metal' became official.


Songs like 'Dragon Lady', 'Hearts Of Steel', 'Azrael' and 'Queen Of The Masquerade' are still fantastic to hear and be sure they're incomparable. The most breathtaking song is without any doubt 'Lost Reflection'. The atmosphere in this song is astonishing, is even beyond any belief and takes you by the throat from the very first notes. The story of the man in the attic gives you cold shivers, as you are in that dark cold loft every time you listen to this mind-blowing song!  It is pure art to write music which makes the listener use his imagination, Crimson Glory more than once managed to receive this goal.


Crimson Glory was influencing for a lot of bands but their own myth didn't hold very long. Crimson Glory disbanded and for many years they were inactive until Wade Black joined the band. An album called ''Astronomica'' was released in 1999. It was a very good cd but the magic was gone. Midnight seemed to be irreplaceable but wasn't able to make a comeback due to alcohol and personal problems.  There were a few reunion concerts but it didn't really work out the way it was meant to be. Wade Black is back nowadays and although he's an excellent singer he doesn't have the same thrilling effect as Midnight did. The solo album of Midnight was rather poor but there's hope for the future because he's working on some new stuff. 

Crimson Glory is Midnight and Midnight is Crimson Glory! He's the man who can bring the magic back in a story that ended way too early.

My Points: 100 / 100