(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

The debut album of Crowned In Earth was released in 2010 by Shadow Kingdom Records, but for this successor they got signed to Black Widow Records. The first output was called ‘Visions Of The Haunted’ and the average playing time of the songs was about 7 minutes. On this new record, things changed, as three out of 5 tracks take more than 11 minutes. Kevin Lawry (Vocals, guitars, bass and Keyboards) teamed up with Darin McCloskey on drums and Brian J Anthony on Mellotron, and together they aimed for a higher level in their career.

They refer their musical inheritance to bands like Black Sabbath, Atomic Rooster and Camel, and the main goal was to create an album that will take you back to the wondrous days of the early 70’s Decca and Charisma Record label releases. Well, from the very first moment, you will be blown away by the heavy sound that this album has. ‘Ride The Storm’ is the opener and with a playing time of 12:20, this musical rollercoaster will take you to places never been before. The musical escapades are long… very long! The voice of Kevin is not inert compared with the music, and I wonder how this band would sound if you would combine the music with a cumbersome, hulking and hamfisted throat.

This is music for die-hard doom fans that want a bit of prog as well. It’s not easy at all, and an outsider will reject this band from the beginning. I agree, that I’m not in this kind of heavy music as well, but I guess that they have something to offer for the happy few. It wouldn’t  be fair to claim that this band doesn’t earn opportunities, but it’s only advisable for a select group.

My rating: 65 / 100