(Review by Officer Nice)

I ordered the previous album of this band some months ago after I've heard a few songs at their page. Nevertheless I didn't listen that often to this album, called ''Reverence Dies Within''. Not that I actually disliked the album, I had just too much on my mind to make time for it. I noticed the band just released this new album and for some reason I've bought this particular album at the last edition of the Keep It True Festival. Man, I don't regret it at all, what a mind-blowing piece of art!  

Maybe I mentioned it before, in one or another review, how much I adore Pathos from Sweden. Well, the opening track of this album reminds me so much to that Swedish original Progressive Thrash Metal band that Crown The Lost immediately stole my soul! Damn, I adore the arrangements, the guitar sound, the well-chosen riffs and solos, the tempo changes and especially the clear and strong vocals! The rhythms on this first song, called 'Defame The Hypocrites' are addictive and a perfect start for this album. Mid tempo sharp riffed arrangements are mixed with fast thrashy pieces, fast fingered guitar solos, high pitched - even soaring - vocals with high screams! Awesome!  

The album continues with one brilliant song after another and Chris Renaldi seems to be a vocalist extraordinaire with a wide ranged voice! The most vocal lines are clear and strong but at some parts you will hear grunts, on other times you will believe King Diamond lent his voice to this masterpiece! Crown The Lost mixes US Power Metal with Progressive Thrash and all songs are foreseen with an overwhelming production. A Tortured Soul, Nevermore, Heathen, Sanctuary, King Diamond, Pathos, Death and Dark Angel in their ''Time Does Not Heal'' era are good references. I know, different styles and different sounds but Crown The Lost knows how to handle all these elements with fury, combining them with their own original ideas. Every song will keep on playing in your mind. Why? Because these guys stays focused on melody and a wrath that will bash your ears! Yes, Crown The Lost is aggressive, sometimes extreme but they're expressing plenty of emotions in every song, embodying everything for which good metal stands. The structure of each track is very good, varied and technical but yet perfect!  

Crown The Lost contains five fantastic songwriters and this album is already now one of the highlights of 2009. No words can explain how these guys keep on playing one after another spectacular track and they have always something in mind to surprise the listener with. The more you will listen to this CD, the more you will discover outstanding details and the beauty of some pure Progressive Thrash Metal from out of the US! This release contains a precious amalgam of musical elements that are seldom heard in the new Thrash Metal generation. Crown The Lost blows a powerful force through your speakers and stays far away from the modern Metal clichés. There are tons of hooks and catchy choruses that will make this driving force of excellent musicians something to watch out for.  

One of my favorite tracks is without any doubts 'Finality'. In this song you'll hear crushing riffs, lightning fast guitar solos, a singer that shows what he's capable of! Also 'Privation' is a first-class song! Wow, these high pitched - King Diamond like - vocals are just outstanding; same counts for these heavy loaded grunts on 'Impose Your Will'! Also 'Dreaming In Reverse' is a fantastic song... The album will need some time to make it possible to recognize each song because I hear some similarities between the songs, the only negative point!  

Well, all tracks are everlasting, making this CD one of my favorites for the next months!  Let me also mention that the front cover and booklet are tremendous.

My Points: 91 / 100