(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

In the past, I listened to a few albums of Custard, but they mainly released substandard albums who ensured that my appreciation was rather moderately. The words ‘typical German Metal’ popped up several times, although every album had a few highlights. But a few highlights aren’t enough to be proclaimed as a ‘must have’ album. Most of the times, there were much better releases available, so the Custard albums quickly got vertically classified. When Stefan asked me to review the latest album of this German quintet, I was a little hesitant at first, but at the end, every album and every artist or band deserves an honest review and a fair chance to be heard.

Same goes with Custard their album ‘Infested By Anger’, this time released by Pure Steel Records. The title of the album is a summary of the lyrics of the songs, as they all handle about war and destruction peculiar to men. Is it because of the countless lineup changes that the present members of Custard changed their musical direction from typical German metal (Helloween, Gamma Ray…) to a style that can be compared with US Metal, or is it because they still remained underground, although they released already 4 albums since they were formed in 1987? Who will tell? Anyhow, this new fifth album ‘Infested By Anger’ wasn’t the expected pain in the ass…

The 15 tracks on this new album contain a lot of songs that I adore, some tracks could be described as fillers, but it indicates that the band is on the right path! My biggest surprise are the vocals of Olli Strasser who brings so much enthusiasm into the tracks that you will eagerly wait for the chorus lines! Some songs are that strong that we can say that this is the best Custard album to date! I would exclaim that this album contains the so long awaited metal hymns that we are longing for! Custard finally succeeded in gathering a lineup that is able to create good metal songs, executed at high level and emerge from the underground… finally!

Anna and Carsten bring on guitar duels with now and then an Iron Maiden twist, but they are both worth to gain their spot. Markus is the man on the bass and he is taking care of concrete all over, while the one and only original member Chris Klapper is mistreating the skins of his drum kit. If you  are able to get hold on this album, take a listen to opener ‘Gods Of War’ and ‘My Last Breath’. Both songs will cause steam right out of your ears! As said before, this album contains monster riffs and chorus lines, but also a few songs that refer to the older Custard standard.

This band is on the right move and should focus on accelerating songs with a constant high level.  It took four years to get this job done, so it would be a pity if they quickly write some new tracks with lesser quality.  Take your time, abrade where necessary and make sure that the sixth Custard album is bull’s eye all over!

My rating: 81 / 100