(Review by Stefan)

Chicago based, legendary US Metal gods Damien Thorne are back with a burning hot new album called "Haunting Mind", released through Jackal Productions. Damn, this is the moment where I was waiting right after the release of their four track EP entitled "Former Life". Damien Thorne is recently reformed and I can tell you right now, the new album "Haunted Mind" is a 10 song loaded US Power Metal product able to tear your soul and mind apart. 

Joe Martin is the new singer in the band and sounds awesome. Not the high pitched way of singing like DT's previous frontman Justin Fate but Joe's voice is more powerful, more straight forward and absolutely well fitting in the band's new Metal sound. The current line up looks like: Ken Mandat on guitars, Rick Browz on bass and while pounding his drumheads, Mike Browz seems to act like an untameable beast that chases its prey filled with rage. Their new album “Haunted Mind” is a killer one, no doubt about that - 80s influenced US Power Metal with Thrash Metal inclinations supremacy.

The song "Dark Ancestor" took me by the throat right away due to several mighty power riffs and magnificent vocals, all the players in Damien Thorne demonstrate they’re in very good shape! Second one "Haunted" is a short but almighty great up tempo Power Metal song. "The Suffering" is a mid-paced track with several breaks, awesome guitar riffs, stunning vocals... another great song!! "Clairvoyant" reminds me musically of the band's first album "The Sign Of The Jackal" and "Exit Jeckyll" is a real heavy loaded gunner containing heart piercing guitar solo's and a drummer that obviously has everything under control. "Claudia Night", "Raise Your Horns", "Dante's Mire", "Enter The Nightmare", be sure all of these are not just fillers but thrillers.

I can't find a damn thing to start complaining or criticizing this new album. Agree, in some ways their nowadays style differs completely from the band's early works but anyway - the most important fact to me is that Damien Thorne is back with a new refreshed sound / new line-up and a sound still very impressive. Highly recommended, excellent stuff for all US Metal maniacs.

My Points: 90 / 100