(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

After a demo, ‘Death Rides A Horse’ in 2009, an EP ‘Pantokrator’ in 2010 and a second EP ‘Tree Of Woe’ in 2012, the band Death Rides A Horse (shortened to DRaH) collaborated with the French label Infernö Records. Instead of releasing a totally new album, they both decided to re-release both EPs including a bonus track. You don’t have to search for the cassette versions of ‘Pantokrator’ or ‘Tree Of Woe’, as they both feature this re-release CD. The first three songs can be found originally on ‘Tree Of Woe’, the next four songs can be found on ‘Pantokrator’ and ‘Dominion Of Metal’ is the bonus track to complete the playlist. Those that are familiar with the band will know that they used to play the ‘Fly To The Rainbow’ song, originally recorded by The Scorpions. DRaH wants to let their music spread all over the globe, and although they are in the meantime working on a first full length album, to be released in 2013 as well, it’s a very interesting move to those that aren’t aware of this Danish quartet.

Copenhagen is the place where it all happened. Four people gathered around 2008 to pay homage to the real Heavy Metal, adding a little Stoner and Doom Metal influences. The band would become a female fronted metal act with a remarkable name and ditto music! Ida Marcussen (vocals and bass) has a voice that is lifting each song to a higher level. She is capable to add her own twist to the music and her vocal range is, in my opinion, really interesting. The two guitar players are Jens Hollesen and Kenneth Engelsen who succeed in very interesting riffing and a Heavy approach to bands like Black Sabbath, Accept, Crowbar and High On Fire. Last but definitely not least is drummer Anders Madsen who makes sure that the sound is solid and the heaviness drips off his drumheads. What makes this band rather unique is their link with the greater bands of the 70s and 80s combined with the musical direction of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. 

They go back in time to alter classic riffs into nowadays highlights.  Especially the vocals of Ida have a greater value in all 8 songs. The bonus track is called “Dominion Of Metal” and, as the band says, it’s inspired by and dedicated to Accept. This band breathes honesty and passion for the music that inspired them all, and aren’t we all fans of Sabbath, Accept, Grand Magus and The Scorpions. This is the perfect dose Doom and Stoner, combined with NWOBHM, and it’s obvious that DRaH dominates all necessary qualities to present an album that contains it all. One of the best acquaintances in months in this kind of style! Order at

My rating: 83 /100