(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

This third release of DíErcole has a few eye catching elements to start. The front cover artwork is way better than the previous releases. The booklet contains nicely printed song lyrics, and the overall impression is positive. Compared with the previous albums, this third album is a huge step forward!

The melodic rock of DíErcole is reaching another level in their career as the song structures are minutely worked out the best way possible! What I like most on this third album is the explosion of guitar solos that are merged in between the album. This is a pretty classical hardrock album with a huge melodic edge, but the best kept secrets are slightly hidden, so you need to listen to the songs several times to find out whatís so breathtaking! I guess that the lineup of DíErcole is now at its best, that all members fill in the spots that they need to fill and that chemistry is the result what I hold in hands right now.

Mix elements of Dokken, Fifth Angel, a little Boston with Winger and appropriate bands, and you know what to expect. Letís hope that the band will learn from their past, and that some pictures will be added in the next booklet.  Itís much more interesting to have a booklet that can be described as complete. The music already reached that level with this new album!

My rating:  83 / 100