(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Well, I just reviewed the debut album of DíErcole (The Art Of Self Destuction), which is released in 2010, and here is de successor ĎRock Scarí with only 10 months in between both albums. Perhaps the band had some extra songs on the shelf after the recording of their debut album, or they have the skills to write at high speed new material. After listening to this album, I guess itís a mix of both. Some songs didnít made the first album, while others were written shortly after. Thatís my conclusion, as I have the idea that this album features a few fillers, a few songs that slow down the average quality of this second release, and thatís a pity, isnít it? 

The lineup didnít change at all, the musical style didnít change for one second, so you get a kind of copy of the debut album, and although the quality of the songs was pretty high, there might be a little disappointing comment on this second album. The best track is, just like on the debut album, the closing Šnd title track ĎRock Scarí, but people that arenít really familiar with the Winger/Dokken style of DíErcole might have a boring idea while listening to this album, which takes about an hour. I missed a little variety, a little twist and turn in between the keyboards and cool rocking guitar riffs.

Above this, the sound isnít exactly what I expected, as production of ĎRock Scarí is a kind of dull. Perhaps the recordings followed too quickly, and a different point of view could help these guys a few steps further on their next album. This is a melodic album, but rather cataloged as averageÖ

My rating: 73 / 100