(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Recording artist Phil Vincent (all vocals, synths, organ and piano) joined forces with Damiean D’Ercole (lead and rhythm guitar) to work on this first album of ‘D’Ercole – The Art Of Self Destruction’. I did a little research to find out more about Phil Vincent, as he is unfamiliar to me personally. It seems like Phil has been working with various artists, bands and projects through the years, and a lot of solo albums were already released. I believe that it started with the album “Rising” in 1996, as a first solo release, followed by numerous other recordings with many, many different musicians. Check this site for those that want to have a brief overview on this man’s career: http://www.philvincent.com/music.htm

The team Phil and Damiean worked together in a band called Tragik, and surprisingly, they got two other members that are present this time as well. Bass is handled by William Arnold, while the drumming is done by Tane DiAngelis, also formerly known as Tragik members. This seems to be a kind of Tragik Mark II, or did they adept the name because there is a slight musical difference between the material on the three Tragik albums and this material on ‘The Art Of Self Destruction’?

The melodic rock community will be pleased with an album like ‘The Art Of Self Destruction’, as some of the songs can be pointed as real highlights. For example ‘The Deluge’ is the closing track but it was worth the wait! Great arrangement, outstanding vocals and a layer of keys to complete the whole thing!  Some of the songs didn’t catch me all the way, but I guess that especially fans of Dokken need to check this band! This is the debut album of D’Ercole, and we can simply say that they made a great start!

My rating: 79 / 100