(Review by Officer Nice)

It was a very hard job purchasing this EP. I don’t know what went wrong but I know Nick Simile did more than his best to ship this release to me. It is released in a card board sleeve and this EP “Mental Massacre” containing five songs! At the back of this release there are some pictures and they made me believe some first class Heavy Metal was coming my way! I know it sounds strange but band pictures mostly tells a lot about the band itself! These guys look for 100% pure Heavy Metal and after multiple spins I assure you Desecrate stands for pure Heavy Metal!

This fantastic produced (!) CD contains five tracks that are full of sharp riffs, technical arrangements, affecting guitar solos, sophisticated drum parts and overall an overwhelming power. “Trapped” is an ideal song to take off and in a few notes you will find out if you will love this band or not! Man, these riffs and solos in the beginning are just mind blowing, call them even electrifying and they sound promising for what is yet to come! Desecrate delivers technical US Power Metal in vein of bands like Annihilator, (old) Metallica, Meliah Rage, Vicious Rumors, Eidolon, Megadeth etc. Tight Thrashing riffs that remind me to the best Thrash and US Power Metal bands out there…

Furthermore the band contains a good singer; Nick Simile. He’s not the most wide ranged vocalist but he owns strong lungs and gives that extra dimension to the music! Mostly, especially on “Dark Demise” his voice sounds very tender; I just adore it. He reminds me, talking about his vocal sound, vocal range and the way his vocal lines are performed, to a more aggressive mixture between Mike Munro (Meliah Rage), John Johnson (Rival) and J.D. Kimbal (Omen – R.I.P.). These singers aren’t the best Metal singers on earth but no one can deny they had that something ‘special’ in their voice, some kind of irresistible raw emotional timbre. Nick Simile isn’t an exceptional singer either but he gives this band its own identity and he’s a charismatic personality, based on the picture at the back.

Desecrate sounds very energetic and furious and every musician in this band is responsible for it! Of course the stunning guitars are the most ‘ear catching’ but it won’t take much of your energy to discover this band contains a very good Bass guitar player and a fantastic drummer too. The double bass drums and complex percussion in general are just spectacular! And yes, the single and duo lightning fast guitar solos are mind blowing. Especially at “Shizzle” you’ll discover that Desecrate contains two real shredders! I adore these fast fingered and emotional played leads! To be honest this is one of the best guitar duo’s I have heard in a very long time! On this particular point Desecrate can easily compete with Vicious Rumors, Agent Steel and Helstar and that is a huge compliment!

If you’re into typical US Power Metal; a mixture between mid-tempo US Thrash, Progressive and Traditional Heavy Metal, Desecrate will easily blow you away! Desecrate delivers us a US Power Metal masterpiece, capturing the sheer essence of the genre and improving it with the addition of Speed and Progressive metal elements. This band needs to be picked up by a label as soon as possible because they guaranty quality! Keep your eyes to this band because I’m quite sure they will be worshipped by many true Metal fans in the future! I can’t wait for some more!!!! Check them out at .

My Points: 91 / 100