(Review by Officer Nice)

I believe in it, Metal To Infinity believes in it and we keep on believing in it: US Metal reigns supreme! Dire Peril is a band I discovered on Face Book and Jashon Ashcraft was so friendly to send us this EP. This is another new band in the scène, a scène that suffered for years but don’t seems to give in!


We can discover a man we know from other bands; Norman Skinner. I know him from Imagika and Machine Called Man. Both bands released fantastic stuff and are representative for what US Metal is standing for. The big brains behind this band is Jason Ashcraft and he seems to be a talented guitar player. Even more; he’s a good songwriter and couldn’t wait to show the world what he’s capable of. And he was damn right because “Astronomical Minds” is a damn good EP.


Especially fans of the old Iced Earth will adore this one. “Something Wicked This Way Comes” must have been a source of inspiration, no coincidence this is one of their best albums. That means that you will hear razor sharp and fast riffs riffing on mid tempo drums! We’re talking about technical played arrangements and very good leads. What we  also hear are the melodic lines a good track demands, undisputable inspired by Iced Earth. After the vocals there are often soaring leads hidden, giving the music that fantastic dark touch. The solos are fast fingered and sucks the listener into emotional moods, obliging him or her to play imaginary guitars! The band doesn’t hide Jon Shaffer is their idol and therefore also fans of Sons Of Liberty and Demons & Wizards will be satisfied!


Norman Skinner did the best performance he ever did to me. He contains his own vocal sound but often he’s amazingly close to Matt Barlow and that says it all! Matt Barlow is and stays one of the best Metal singers on this globe and if Norman Skinner comes close than you’ll understand he did an outstanding job right here! His emotional and clean vocals, aggressive when necessary, touching your soul on the right moments fits the music perfectly! This is beyond any expectation and this EP is too fantastic to stay underground!


The band misses a drummer on this EP and worked with a computer, that’s a pity. Meanwhile they found a man for thunder and lightning. On stage they have foreseen a second guitarist and that’s just what this band needs! Maybe a second guitar player is needed to empower even more the songs! This EP contains three own songs and a cover from Blue Oyster Cult, an outstanding cover by the way. Norman Skinner will stay with the band and so I do believe in the future of these guys! A full album must be the next step and labels shouldn’t doubt signing this band!  Superb release that proves that US Metal still reigns supreme! An interview with the band can be found on our website! Check this band out at http://www.facebook.com/direperil 

My Points: 91 / 100