Eidolon was a band I had a crush on from the very first time I’ve heard them! This means a lot because this doesn’t happen that much in a lifetime. As far as I remember also Helstar, Sanctuary, Savatage, Metal Church, Metallica, Slayer, Nightwish and Agent Steel had this spelling effect on me from the first time I heard them! I remember I was working in the summer of 2000 when I heard “Nightmare World” on the radio. It blew me away; this was perfection to me when we talk Metal. I bought everything from the band ever since but the best albums to me are still “Nightmare World” and this “Hallowed Apparition”. The band released several albums before and after, all are qualitative very good but I sold my soul for the previous mentioned releases.


Glen and Shawn Drover joined Megadeth and I suppose you all know only Shaw is still a member of this immense popular band. It was for a time quiet about Glen Drover but recently he released a solo album, called “Metalusion”. And Eidolon? I wouldn’t know what the status of the band is nowadays… I really hope both brothers won’t give up Eidolon because musical wise this is one of the best Metal bands on earth to me.  Another reason is that I have never saw the band on stage and they are without any doubts the ideal band for one or another edition of the Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air if you would ask me… Pat Mulock and Nils K.Rue (Pagans Mind) did a terrific job on the later Eidolon albums but I will forever be a big fan of Brian Soulard! To me he still is the ultimate voice of Eidolon; his emotional timbre gave Eidolon just that touch that makes them so irresistible, so special… Nevertheless I think I will never see the band on stage in the future nor do I think the band will ever reunite.


Are there major differences between “Nightmare World” and ”Hallowed Apparition”? No, not in particular and to me this release gives me the same cold shivers. What an exclusive dark atmosphere, the middle part of “De-evolution” for example! Magical! Not only the samples or whatever made this music so devastating, so seducing, so addictive! Glen Drover is just a fantastic songwriter and an even more brilliant guitarist! Listen to these riffs, these solos… Just listen how these instruments perfectly fit each other, how the drums and bass guitars are forming the perfect back line. I’m still astonished every time I hear them and Glen Drover is without any doubts one of my favorite guitar players, those riffs seem to live their own lives…. Notice the performances, the hooks and leads are in every detail worked out! Just amazing! Throughout its existence, the band has strove only for purity and excellence, crafting songs that embody everything for which good metal stands. Although the roots can be found in the Eighties this is one of the bands that stays away from clichés and delivers the good stuff! This is the kind of Metal you need to spread the word about, to listen to at night or when some ignorant friends are in your car, heading together to one or another concert! Be sure they will ask what’s playing!


And Brian Soulard? I still adore his voice because of that special timbre. Not the most aggressive voice but the sound just contains that emotional touch that lifts the music to a higher level. For some dark reason I always have a duet between his voice and the guitars in mind, I suppose that’s no coincidence. This is the purest kind of US style Metal, in Power and in mid tempo Thrash! The Drover brothers added the perfect melody on every song and so you will hear recognizable tracks like “Forever Be Free”, “Feed The Machine”, “You Will Burn” and “Hallowed Apparition”!  Once you’re into this disc you will never forget the refrains and choruses, you will often feel the need to hear more!


But there isn’t much more! Okay, the other releases are for sure worth checking out and some songs, like “Coma Nation” are just fantastic. Nevertheless I will always stick to these albums! They have a special place in my heart and this music and these musicians will mean more to me than they may ever know. One of my all time favorite albums!


My points: 99 / 100