ELDRITCH RITE - ELDRITCH RITE-Demo 1986 (Stormspell Records)


                              (Review by Officer Nice)

Yes, Stormspell Records is slowly becoming a specialist in re-releasing old demos from US Power and Thrash Metal bands. I suppose the managers from this label were youngsters during the eighties, crazy about true Heavy Metal, the same way we are... Even if they aren't I don't care at about it all because I really adore the releases from this label. Often the bands are, even for me as a big US Metal fanatic, unknown to me. Some bands, like for example Held Under, are even active again and I can only thank Stormspell Records for it.  


Next in row is Eldritch Rite. I admit I've heard about the band before but don't blame me because I've never had the chance to listen to their demos... the originals are on tape. I'm having the ideal chance to discover them now, because of this CD, containing their old stuff. It is obvious this is an eighties Metal band; the sound, the performances and the atmosphere on this entire album are so typical for that era! Influenced by the heavier kind of NWOBHM and based on the roots of true US Power and Speed Metal Eldritch Rite delivers me one after another great song.   


The riffs are tight and cutting, the way it is supposed to be in US Metal! Another point is that this band searches for varied arrangements, many tempo changes and plenty of power. It feels like Omen meeting Oracle or Exciter, Cloven Hoof mixed with Jaguar. Only one guitar is used and that's the reason why, when solos are performed, the back ground loses a lot of power and that's a pity. It was characteristic in those days although many bands, even before 1986, showed other possibilities by using two guitars. I prefer two guitars in a Metal band because of the fact it gives the band the opportunity producing a wall of sound.  


Vocal wise you will be satisfied by this CD if you're into US Metal. If you like the vocals clean, with a high scream once and a while and non-happy vocal lines, you won't be bored. Not that the vocals are wide ranged or exceptional good but they're giving me the right feeling. In general the musicians aren't exceptional by performances but these guys knew how to write great US Speed/Power Metal!  


This is the better stuff for US Metal fans, a CD you must own if straight forwarded Metal, without any compromises, is your cup of tea. This release contains dynamic Heavy Metal with a classic eighties sound! Check http://www.stormspell.com 


My Points: 82 / 100