A slipcase with three songs. A nice picture from out of space, Enceladus is as a matter of fact a moon of the planet Saturn. Above the front cover stands ‘Japan-exclusive single of the US Power Metal band”. A single? Is there a full CD as well? US Power Metal? At the back I see a picture of four youngsters; Soikkam (vocals), Geo (guitars), Alan (drums) and Judas (bass).


On their Facebook.com page I read that the band is preparing to release a full album. I didn’t miss anything fortunately…  Enceladus seems to be a band from Texas but it’s clear they’re not influenced by those mighty bands that put Texas on the world wide map of Heavy Metal. Enceladus is more under the spell of European Power Metal and bands like Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica and a bit Manticora are crossing my mind.


If you like European Power Metal with fast played guitars, good played speed drums and ultra-melodic lines this band can offer you it all. The songs are easy on the ear, talking about the refrains and choruses. The typical dramatic, theatrical sound of the genre is present, same counts for those high pitched vocals. This is a symphonic band, melodic all the way and even some neo-classical at some parts. The outstanding guitars, especially the leads, are responsible for it. The duets between guitars and keyboards are constantly present and the band doesn’t forget to bring tons of variation into their arrangements. The riffs are great, I suppose on stage a second guitar-player will be needed…


Fans of modern European Power Metal shouldn’t doubt purchasing this three song single. It’s Power Metal with capitals, full with thundering riffage. Don’t get mislead by the front cover because this band has nothing to do with pure US Power Metal like Helstar. Anyway these young lads did a fantastic job and in their genre they are really top, they can easily compete with the bigger bands. I hope they’re prepared to learn some things from out of their own era, to bring some darkness with the path they’ve already chosen. It would make them pretty unique... Check http://www.facebook.com/enceladusofficial .


My Points: 88 / 100