(Review by Officer Nice)

I remember I wrote a review about an Enchanter release for another website. 'True as steel' I wrote and the first listen to this CD confirms I was right about this American band. Although the sound was average and typical for the underground kind of music it gave Enchanter a unique flair. Nowadays we can say they sound 'dated' but I didn't care back then and listening to this CD I still don't care.


Enchanter can be called obscure because they play their Metal in vein of bands like Cirith Ungol, old Virgin Steele, Medieval Steel, Manilla Road, Slough Fegg, Warlord, the very old Iron Maiden and some aged NWOBHM bands. Do you know what I mean when I mention the exceptionality of the sound of these bands? I'm talking about that kind of darkness, the sinister and mysterious mood in it, only produced by the music. With Enchanter I constantly have the feeling inside me as I'm back in the Ancient times of the history of Metal or should I say the early eighties? Of course you do understand what I mean if you're into this kind of Metal bands and you adore bands that stayed so true to the 'prehistoric' Metal culture. If you're into polished productions stop reading! If you want to find the finest guitar parts, it can't be heard on this CD! The vocals are mediocre and the production is not really strong.


I suppose you want to know why I like this album and why I've rated it pretty high. I believe it's because of the complete picture I have about Enchanter as a band. The song writing is outstanding and the way the compositions are played contains a special effect on the listener, including me. The guitar riffs are very traditional, not complex at all but the way they are played are breathtaking, making me feel calm and melancholic. Especially the epic touches and unusual structures are overwhelming, creating a special atmosphere.


Enchanter is not the kind of band with opportunities to become major, but the guys are gifted song writers and performers. They go back to the roots of Heavy Metal and chose to be a 'cult' band. They will surely be loved by the visitors of those mighty German Festivals and I'm quite sure I will see them there soon.


My Points: 85 / 100