EVIL GENIUS - DR. MASTERMING MUST DIE (McComa Entertainment / US Metal Records)


                                    (Review by Stefan)

One of those guys never give up the US Metal fight since the early eighties is calling Matt McCourt! He's a great musician offering awesome works for all US Hard Rockin' Metal maniacs. True 80 Metal maniacs definitely remember Matt's voice / bass lines when he was active in greats like Wild Dogs, Dr. Mastermind, Atomic Thunder albums "Mayhem" and "Evil Genius". These days, he's active in a band called Southern Fried Steel...a unique formation playing a different style than we used to hear from mighty Matt.

It's somekinda mixture of Hard Rock / Southern Rock but the review will be up as soon as possible! "Dr Mastermind Must Die" from Evil Genius is actually an unreleased work, recorded back in 1984. Previously unreleased but the songs on it are fantastic for all those into Classic or Speed US Metal. Yeah, i like this album and i'm satisfied Matt took the decision himself to bring out a re-release of it through his own record label McComa Entertainment. Some research regarding background history about Evil Genius allows me to tell that besides Matt on vocals, there's also Kip Doran (from Malice) on guitar and a guy named Dog taking control over the bass lines.

The album kicks off with a song called "Vampire", a killer US Metal song with very melodic guitars to the extreme completely finished with Matt's great and legendary way of singing. Some more power shows up with second strike entitled "I Hate Discipline", once again a pure US Metal thrill to me! Following two songs "Black Leather Maniac" and Speed Metal killer song "Domination" appears on Dr. Mastermind's debut too as far as i can remember. Especially last mentioned still lingers on and on in my mind, just like it was yesterday... awesome stuff once again!

"Under The Gun" is an up-tempo one with a dynamic force aboard. Pure US Metal as can be, Evil Genius delivering the goods. Can't get enough of the axe shreddings... awesome! With Motörhead guitar rhythms, "Family Dysfunction" makes your head wanna band around (short track but loaded with explosive dynamite). "Abuser" is another brilliant up-tempo Metal song with balls and "My Way" closes the album in a pure American Metal style and makes me feel thrilled all the way out! 

One more time, all US Metal fanatics should have already added this great release to their collection. It's a collectors item that brings back the good old US Metal tradition pure as can be. Take a look at Matt's website and order right away by the grace of the almighty US Metal scene at:
www.usmetal.com   Only Killers - No Fillers!

My Points: 94 / 100