(Review by Officer Nice)

Have you ever seen the video ''Live At Studio 54''? It was the best video I ever saw... It begins with burning a John Travolta poster followed by gigs of Exodus, Slayer and Venom. These guys were still very young; the first album of Exodus was just released and it was the period of Slayer's ''Hell Awaits”. It was the 'ultimate revenge for disco', hated by the Metal fans who fought for respect and honour. Exodus' performances on this video are so outstanding that it must have been one of their greatest gigs ever. Check 'You Tube' if you want to see it.


Picking a favorite album of Exodus is rather difficult but ''Bonded By Blood'' is chosen by the most Metal heads, including me. This record is a pure lesson in violence, aggressive to the bones. The album opens with the sound of a plane, followed by devastating riffs and a song called 'Bonded By Blood' or how ear catching a title can be. On this very first album we meet 5 pure Thrashers, fronted by one of the heaviest Metal beasts our scene ever contained, Paul Baloff (RIP).

His extreme aggressive and raw vocals were so typical for Exodus that even after his death the band kept on searching for a singer with a similar timbre. We can't say he belongs to the best Metal singers, but I assure you it's a hard job to find someone as brutal and harsh as he was. His furious andnasty vocal lines were very well tasted and made the band gigantic admired.Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt were the guitar players, making one merciless riff after another, delivering screaming solos. Both were born to carry Thrash Metal to mankind and deserved immortality because of it. If you ever see the video I was talking about you will discover how tremendous drummer Tom Hunting was.

His fast way of playing thundering drums was hardly ever seen and if you listen to songs like 'Metal Command' or 'Piranha' you’ll understand what I’m talking about. With the speed of sound Exodus is playing one malicious track after another, giving the listener no chance to breathe. 'Piranha' is my favorite song... vicious, heartless and a song that will never let you go ever again. 'No Love', an admirable acoustic instrumental, is the only moment of peace in this album. 'Bonded By Blood' was a source of inspiration for plenty of bands who wanted to compete with Exodus, almost a 'mission impossible' if you ask me.


Exodus grew in the eighties to one of the most famous and best Thrash Metal bands. Paul Baloff left the band and was replaced by Steve Souza, another thrasher from the depths of Hell. Their success was enormous, especially when ''Fabulous Disaster'' was released, the ideal disc for uncounted mosh pits. Exodus received a lot of interest by major labels and we could even see them at MTV. It was the most glorious era of Heavy Metal and Exodus was able to taste from it.Exodus toured around the world but couldn't hold their status. The same old stories of alcohol and drugs were told and it took Exodus to a pitiful end. The end of Metal's victorious era was also a moment for Exodus to disband and become a legend.


In 2004 the band came back home, releasing the superb 'Tempo Of The Damned”. The band didn't lose their feeling for pure thrash and the record was in many lists of 'favorite albums' of that particular year. Exodus defeated once again the metal scene! Several tours and two albums later Exodus has still a leading role in our movement. Steve Souza left the band and was replaced by a roadie, Rob Dukes. Once again Gary Holt found a perfect front man for his band. A story that began with so much violence is not over yet... thanks to Exodus we're still 'Bonded By Metal'.


My points: 100/100