(Review by Officer Nice)

Finally here it is, the new Fallen Sanctuary! You don’t know the band? Well, I can’t blame you for it because the first album was and still is totally unknown, nevertheless this two man project still makes me go wild. William and James Dezarn were responsible for the fantastic debut called ”Theories Of Ruins”. Especially “Whores Of Mammon” is a track that freaks me out time after time, you should really search for it on the Internet! This kind of US Power / Thrash Metal is highly wanted by me and I can’t describe how anxious I was to hear the new one.

So here finally is the new album and once more the band delivers us a good looking front cover, their band logo is attractive as well and the total concept breathes everything Metal is about! The good production is once more ear-catching and proves how ultra professional these guys really are. Unsigned, yes and allow me not making another statement about how disgraceful this really is, but what I really want to say is that both brothers have Heavy Metal flowing into their veins! Respect! 2010 delivered us great releases in Metal and this album fits in the row of US Power / Thrash and will easily make it in my top 20. That means “Malevolent Symmetry” is heading between “Glory Of Chaos” (Helstar), “The Cold” (Flotsam & Jetsam), The evolution of chaos” (Heathen) and the newbies from Death Angel, Nevermore and Forbidden. These words must be enough to show how talented Fallen Sanctuary really is and how superb this release sounds!

This record is full of aggressive and melodic US Power / Thrash Metal and musical wise it reminds me often to a mixture between (old) Annihilator, Cage, (old) Helstar, Tempest Reign, (old) Iced Earth… Eighties Metal still rules but also Fallen Sanctuary found the secret to made this kind of music sound modern. The riffs are razor sharp and the arrangements are so hard hitting that it is impossible to be not touched by them! Fallen Sanctuary is heavier than before but both brothers stayed focused in writing good structured yet true songs with everything in them Heavy Metal needs!

I hear emotional played forceful ripping guitar solos, incredible technical played drums with spectacular double bass parts, high energetic and technical played arrangements, flowing guitar and vocal harmonies, colossal riffs and powerful vocals with – what did you expect - high pitched screams!

William is responsible for the vocals, guitar and bass and his brother James was behind the drums, is an axe man too. William’s voice is not incredible spectacular ‘an sich’ if we only mention the vocal sound but he knows how to sound varied and that’s why I really adore the vocals on this album. High screams, grunts, low voices and clear strong vocals can be heard on this record and therefore I bow my head deep for what this guy did (again)! His vocal lines are melodic, with a constantly aggressive undertone and darkness is all over! This release is as a matter of fact full of threatening and mysterious sounding tracks. My favorite ones are of course “The Quaternary Code”, “Blessed Afflicted By Man”, ”Enemy”, “Perjury Of Thought” and especially the closing track “The Thrall Contagion”.

It is so hard to believe both man played every single instrument so perfectly on this record. For a part it’s a pity this isn’t a full band! Nevertheless I believe Fallen Sanctuary hits stages and I am really longing to see them in Europe one day! This record guarantees you a wide range from Heavy Metal anthems to Thrashing monstrosities all over Progressive elegies and the band worked hard to ensure that these elements are recognizable. Fallen Sanctuary easily seduces fans of technical played Eighties US Metal and every fan of the bands I’ve mentioned before will easily be under the spell of “Malevolent Symmetry”.

If labels won’t offer the band what they really deserve I fear that Fallen Sanctuary will be another band that released an undiscovered gem. It will be one of those records you will desperately search for on the future if you don’t order it now! This is how Heavy Metal should sound and Fallen Sanctuary proves how much goodies are to discover behind the surface. As I’ve said before 2010 gave us plenty of fantastic Thrash Metal releases but all from kind of famous bands. From the underground came several fantastic releases and in that row Fallen Sanctuary fits the crown! If I would make a top 20 of underground releases from this year Fallen Sanctuary would easily win the conquest. Nothing but really nothing can hold you to purchase this one at http://www.fallensanctuary.com .

My Points: 95 / 100