(Review by Stefan)

This is the story of two brothers named James and Willam Dezarn who are absolutely hooked on Heavy Metal music. They've played in other bands before but unfortunately most of them were dead-end formations. Driven by the forces of True Metal music as they were, a finally decision fell... James and William goes on as the ultimate US Metal duo that delivered all the vocals, drum as well as the guitar riffings / solo's and bass lines all by themselves. I call it amazing, quite unusual!

It took a while before everything was set and done but these guys can be more than satisfied with the result of their first, fully independent debut album entitled "Theories Of Ruin". This is pure, right-in-your-face, excellent US Heavy / Power Metal with thrashy riffings, flameable guitar solo's and a very talented / unique singer (capable doing high pitching vocal parts as well as a few deep growls without problems) that reminds me of Piledriver's Gord Kirchin sometimes. After receiving this product, i was so damn curious that it only takes a few minutes pushing the play button and turns on the volume. Pure US Metal magic came right out of my speakers, this kind of Metal music means everything to me.

Other bands crosses my mind while listening are Resistance, Piledriver, Eidolon, Syris (Unseen Forces album), Eden's Fall, Spirit Web,...Ten songs, so variable from beginning until the end with a very good production and good looking front / back cover. The recordings took place in their own project studio. Outstanding is the only way out to express myself. With an album like "Theories Of Ruin", nothing can't go wrong to me. Metal the way it should be and I’m quite sure that a record deal won’t be far away… they deserve it!

Two guys, completey possessed by Heavy Metal music with the driving force and power of a raging bull, Fallen Sanctuary must be the revelation of 2006 for sure! They came out of void but going straight to the Metal top, that's my personal meaning. Their goal is to complete the line-up and walk as many stages as well to take the world by surprise. Well, Fallen Sanctuary is too great to left aside, US Metal maniacs better purchase the album for 10 Dollar (plus 5 Dollar for the international shipping process) right away...you won't be disappointed at all guys!

Hold on a few minutes and take a look at their website via:
www.fallensanctuary.net or www.myspace.com/fallensanctuary . E-mail via: band@fallensanctuary.net Check it out and don't forget...spread these guys' words by the grace of the almighty

My Points: 96 / 100