(Review by Officer Nice)

Stormspell Records is becoming my favorite label. The reason is obvious; these guys are spoiling us, review writers, with complete CD's and besides this fact they're specialized in 'forgotten' US Metal. As a matter of fact they re-release old - never official released on CD - albums. This time their eye fell on Fatal Violence from Illinois! This is a US Speed Metal band that recorded their original material in the period 1985 - 1989.


Opening with a very threatening intro, reminding me to Medieval Steel's most famous and godlike track (yes; ''Medieval Steel'') I am immediately under the spell of this band. An explosion hits me right in the face when a fast and furious Heavy Metal riff is taking of and I am hearing just the kind of vocals I adore! Off course I am talking about those typical high pitched and mean kind of vocals, in vein of Attacker, Rellik, Neon Cross etc! Fatal Violence is just some of the purest Eighties Metal and is - oh so - god damn American sounding! I can't repeat it enough this is the way Metal was supposed to be.


Fatal Violence delivers Power / Speed / Thrash and can be best described as Attacker meeting (the oldest) Leatherwolf, mixed with the beginning Helstar, Medieval Steel and Oliver Magnum! Their crunchy style is timeless and although these demo's are digitally remixed and re-mastered the production is far from perfect. Nevertheless Fatal Violence easily steals my soul away by the way they're performing these superb Metal songs!


It is a pity I missed this band in the eighties but admit there was so much to discover in those days. That's the reason I bow my head so deep for this record label, giving me as a US Metal fanatic the fair chance to determine this band anyway, even making me re-live my youth! Those screaming solos, high screams, changing heavy loaded rhythms and blistering drums are giving me one kick after another! The dark atmosphere and the eighties sound are taking me by my throat and it didn't take that long to be addicted by this release. No words can explain how this kind of music gives my mind and body a boost! This is pure cult, as obscure as US Heavy Metal can be. Believe me when I say it's another jewel in my CD rack!


After Cauldron Born and Held Under it is the third time I was so thrilled by a release from this label. I'll be honest; I even bought this release before releasing it for free; just because supporting this label and its bands is so god damn important to me! I am hoping this band to reunite and appear at the Keep It True Festival; I still hope for Held Under to be at one of the next editions of this dark mass of True Metal. This band would fit perfect at the bill and I suppose that visitors of this festival don't need any more words to buy this forgotten pearl. Check http://www.stormspell.com


My Points: 92 / 100